Electrical Isolation Monitor

VHE‘s Electrical Isolation Monitor is able to measure the electrical resistance between points of different voltage potential.  It is designed for aluminium plants to constantly monitor potline resistance to ground.

The Electrical Isolation Monitor continuously displays the measured resistance to ground. Should a short circuit occur at some point in the potline then the resistance reading drops. The signal from the monitor may be used to trigger an alarm if the reading falls below a preset level. The device has a very high tolerance for parallel capacitance and noise/spikes in the measurement signal.

The monitor is able to measure electrical resistance across a potential difference of up to 2200V DC, plus a 500V AC peak. AC and DC values at the measuring point are also displayed on the front display. The measuring range is set to order during manufacture, usually 0-1 kOhm or 0-10 kOhm.

The monitor is simple to operate. An on/off button and a resistance display meter are located on the front panel. The signal is also available from the monitor as 4-20mA, a 0-10V or a serial output. The monitor is permanently connected to either an AC or DC power source

VHE‘s Electrical Isolation Monitor is in use at RTA ISAL in Iceland.

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