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Zeta Instruments Featured in the PBS Nova Show "Treasures of the Earth"

The PBS Nova Show Treasures of the Earth: Power has featured the Zeta-20 Optical Profiler and Zeta Wafers.

Solar energy possibilities are now being mined around the world. Over the last five years the number of solar panels has increased globally on average of 25% a year.

The main goal of solar energy manufacturers is to lower costs so that they can be competitive with traditional sources of energy. New designs in the solar cell industry are increasing the efficiency of solar energy and that has a big impact on lowering costs.

We are proud to say that Zeta is the #1 metrology supplier in this space and are the tool of record at all major solar cell manufactures in the world. The Zeta Optical Profiler is used for mission critical measurements such as Texture control, Contact Line width, and height measurement and Film Thickness Measurements.

With the help of the Zeta-20 scientists are optimizing the process of solar energy so it can compete with more traditional sources of energy, such as fossil fuels. The Zeta-20 Optical Profiler and Zeta Wafers are helping lower costs in the solar cell industry and the Zeta measurement is integral to solar cell research and process control. Watch the below video to learn how Zeta is helpong scientist ensure energy conservation for our future.

Watch the entire episode below

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