Altek License CEVA Imaging and Vision DSP for Deep Learning in Mobile Devices

Industry-leading provider of imaging solutions to integrate CEVA intelligent vision DSP with its image signal processor technologies targeting smartphones and other camera-enabled smart devices

CEVA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEVA), the leading licensor of signal processing IP for smarter, connected devices, today announced that Altek Corporation, a leading Taiwanese imaging systems provider, has licensed CEVA’s imaging and vision DSP to add power-efficient, enhanced imaging and deep learning capabilities to its imaging solutions and dual camera technologies targeting smartphones, ADAS, AR/VR, drones and other smart camera devices.

Altek will integrate the CEVA imaging and vision DSP directly with its image signal processor (ISP) and leverage it to perform a host of advanced functions to both improve image quality and support machine vision applications such as object detection and tracking, and 3D depth sensing. In addition, Altek and its customers will be able to utilize the open, programmable vision DSP to deploy convolutional neural networks (CNN) for deep learning tasks tailored to specific applications or use cases, enabling true product differentiation.

At Altek, we are constantly striving to enhance our digital image solutions and set the direction for the future of smarter imaging devices. CEVA’s imaging and vision DSP provides the platform which allows us to further enhance the image quality of our solutions and push the boundaries of what a camera can do using artificial intelligence and advanced vision algorithms.

Jason Lin, General Manager and Corporate Senior Vice President of Altek.

“Altek is a proven leader in imaging, with a strong track record in the smartphone space and we are excited to work with them,” said, Ilan Yona, vice president and general manager of CEVA’s Vision Business Unit.  “The combination of Altek’s advanced imaging technologies along with our DSP-based vision and machine learning offering creates one of the most intelligent digital imaging solutions on the market today.”

CEVA’s latest generation imaging and vision DSP platforms address the extreme processing requirements and low power constraints of the most sophisticated machine learning and machine vision applications used in smartphones, surveillance, augmented reality, sense and avoid drones and self-driving cars. These DSP-based platforms include a hybrid architecture composed of scalar and vector DSP processors coupled with a comprehensive Application Development Kit (ADK) to streamline software deployment.  The CEVA ADK includes: CEVA-Link for seamless software level integration with the host processor; a range of widely used and optimized software algorithms; the CEVA Deep Neural Network (CDNN2) real-time neural network software framework which streamlines machine learning deployment at a fraction of the power consumption of the leading GPU-based systems, and; state-of-the-art development and debugging tools For more information, visit

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