Novel Anode Spike Removal Machine

VHE has developed a novel anode spike removal machine which can quickly, safely and economically remove anode spikes, permitting the partly-used anode to be returned to the pot.

Under certain conditions, carbon anodes experience spike - or mushroom - formation on the bottom surface. Such spikes quickly result in pot instability and reduced current efficiency.

Traditional remedial action had been to pull the affected anode from the pot and discard it, or remove the spike manually by breaking it off with a crowbar or sledge hammer. Such methods are inefficient, and have health and safety implications.

The VHE Spike Removal Machine abrades away spikes and other irregularities, improving the geometry and extending the usable life. Spiked anodes are pulled from the pots and abraded whilst still hot, then returned again to the original stall. Optionally, anodes may first be cooled and then treated.

The skid-mounted machine comprises a steel frame, stem clamp, scraper driven by two hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valve box, electrical control box and a waste material container.

Anodes are lowered into the machine using a potroom crane. The anode sits directly on the abrading frame. The anode is located in place by a stem clamp and by movable guides around the machine frame; the complete anode assembly is free to move up and down.

Once the anode is in place the machine is started and the abrading frame moves backwards and forwards along the length of the anode, removing uneven material from the anode underside. Abraded carbon falls into a bin whic may be removed and emptied by a forklift

This VHE Anode Spike Removal machine is powered by the external hydraulic connection of the forklift used to transport it. Electrical power is also from the forklift.

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