Green Dot Bioplastics Create New Biodegradable Plastic for Horticultural Applications

Biodegradable biocomposites from Green Dot Bioplastics (credit:Green Dot Bioplastics)

Nurturing a healthy garden is symbolic of sustainability. Green Dot Bioplastics has launched a new high-performing biodegradable plastic that would enable greenhouses and gardeners to reduce the environmental impact caused by plastic pots.

Terratek® BD2114 from Green Dot Bioplastics is composed of 80% reclaimed and 80% bio-based material. It is a renewable and biodegradable alternative to conventional plastic pots. This planter made up of reclaimed plant fibers will return to nature without causing any harm once its service life has ended.

Biodegradation rates will differ in relation to part size and environment. The research shows that using biodegradable plantable pots manufactured with Terratek® BD2114 can decrease greenhouse water consumption by as much as 600%.

Existing compostable planters are commonly designed using peat, paper, or cardboard. These absorbent materials allow water to rapidly evaporate from potting soil, requiring growers to water plants more frequently. Terratek® BD2114 does not absorb water, retaining moisture in the potting soil.

Plantable pots built with Terratek® BD2114 also offer benefits for retailers. The biocomposite plastic is comparatively more durable and has a better shelf life. It is possible to easily color the plastic in order to improve product differentiation.

Our new Terratek® biodegradable biocomposite offers unique functional and aesthetic attributes with a lighter environmental footprint compared to horticulture containers currently in use.

Mark Remmert, CEO, Green Dot Bioplastics

Green Dot’s Terratek® BD2114 is a perfect material to make plantable pots or shrub and tree containers more sustainable. The company can offer custom formulations of bio-based and biodegradable materials to match varying types of horticultural applications.

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