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Nordson ASYMTEK's Introduces Redesigned EasyCoat 6 Conformal Coating Software

Nordson ASYMTEK, a Nordson company (NASDAQ: NDSN), introduces its upgraded EasyCoat® 6 software for its Select Coat® SL-940 conformal coating system. EasyCoat 6 software combines several powerful capabilities to deliver a visual programming experience that reduces programming time, increases throughput and productivity, and achieves high quality conformal coating results. Key features include drag-and-drop graphical overlay programming, online and offline programming, and Applicator Tip Tracking.

The new look of the user interface includes updated iconography, new color schemes, and a variety of customizable settings to personalize the programming environment.

Programming tasks for conformal coating processes are completed in an intuitive visual environment. This innovative new capability, at the heart of EasyCoat 6 software, simplifies training and programming efforts and leads to increased production uptime. The completely redesigned Editor screen allows programmers to drag-and-drop, position, and resize coating elements directly on an accurate product image while the Operator screen provides operators with a simplified view of the machine status and main control buttons.
Competing software solutions still rely on data entry programming where every aspect of the program must be entered point-by-point. With EasyCoat 6, programmers can simply drag-and-drop coating elements onto a product image, minimizing the need for manual data entry.

Per Orla Jensen, general business and product manager for Nordson ASYMTEK

Offline programming in your office avoids production downtime and maximizes productivity, ease of operation, and accuracy. Conformal coating instructions can be taught using a digital product image and later transferred to a production system when programming is complete.
The Applicator Tip Tracking feature makes it possible to accurately detect the x, y, and z location of the needle or nozzle tip when using rotate or tilt capabilities in an application. With Applicator Tip Tracking, the actual and graphically represented position of a coating element are one and the same.
EasyCoat 6 software offers several customization options. The software can be customized to reflect programmer-specific preferences and to optimize workflows. Users can define the color of the coating pattern for a particular applicator, adjust the page layout, chose an overall theme for the interface, choose event monitor colors, select screen layout presets, customize a number of aspects related to the graphical image, and more.
EasyCoat 6 software provides next-level programming capabilities for the Select Coat SL-940 conformal coating system. To learn more or to inquire about a software upgrade, contact Nordson ASYMTEK at [email protected], call +1 760-431-1919, or visit the website


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