Heuresis Corp. Launches Handheld Backscatter Imager

Heuresis Corp., a privately held U.S., company specializing in advanced x-ray instrumentation, is pleased to announce the launch of the HBI-120 handheld backscatter imager.

Heuresis’ HBI-120 is the world’s first one-piece handheld backscatter x-ray imager; it supports mission-critical requirements for customs and border protection, narcotics interdiction, bomb squads, VIP security, and other “soft target” protection missions.

With optimum scan speeds of 15 cm (6”) per second, the HBI-120 provides one-sided x-ray images of bulk narcotics, hidden currency, explosives, ammunition and other contraband through up to 2.5 mm of steel; typical steel motor vehicle body panels are no more than 1 mm-thick.  In prison environments, improvised weapons hidden in in bedding materials can be found quickly.

The HBI‐120 images objects with a miniaturized, shielded, 5 Watt, 120 keV, 42 microAmp, x‐ray generator and proprietary optics that makes a raster‐scanning pencil  beam  of  x-rays  to  scan objects of interest.   As  the  HBI-120  is  moved  over  an  object,  a  two‐dimensional backscatter x‐ray image of the object is displayed in real‐time on the imager’s high‐resolution transflective LCD touchscreen and saved in the instrument’s memory.  Complete with an Android™ operating system for a broad feature set, the HBI-120 includes built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth™, GPS, laser scan guides, and a flashlight, all designed to help you gather and document scan images and share results quickly.  Designed for the harshest work environments, the battery-operated HBI-120 is rated for use from –40 °C (–40 °F) to 60 °C (140 °F); the unit it is splash and dustproof, and rated to IP54.

The HBI-120 makes it possible for the first time to quickly find threats and contraband when much larger and more expensive truck and portal-based x-ray imaging systems are not practical or affordable.  With its 120 keV x-ray generator, built-in display and ergonomic design, the HBI-120 gives law enforcement officers, customs agents and others a new tool to help them identify anomalies in vehicles, cargo and baggage. We have generated a lot of excitement wherever the HBI-120 has been used, particularly by narcotics interdiction teams and customs and border protection agents.  From narcotics and currency to hidden weapons and bulk explosives, the HBI-120 is designed to support the global law enforcement community in their ongoing efforts to fight terrorism and combat contraband trafficking.

Mr. Grodzins

For more information, contact:

Cathy Gilmer

Heuresis Corp.

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