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Innovnano to Present New Data on its Unique Synthesis Process and Structural Ceramic Powders at ECerS 2017

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Innovnano, an expert manufacturer of structural zirconia ceramics, recently announced the launch of its new 2 mol % yttria-stabilised zirconia (2YSZ). This powder is produced using Innovnano’s unique synthesis method that imparts beneficial properties to the powder. Importantly, this includes a balance between two highly desired features of a structural ceramic - outstanding fracture toughness and resistance to ageing. Innovnano will present new data on its unique synthesis process and applications for the new 2YSZ at ECerS 2017 in Budapest, Hungary (9-13 July).

Innovnano scientists will be present throughout the event at booth 7 to discuss the new 2YSZ powder and its applications in structural ceramics. Visitors to the booth can also find out more about Innovnano’s proprietary emulsion detonation synthesis (EDS) technology, which is used to manufacture all powders in its range. EDS involves a unique cycle of high temperatures, pressures and rapid quenching in a fully automated system, based on the detonation of two water-in-oil emulsions in a single step reaction. This produces nanostructured powders with guaranteed small grain sizes and high chemical homogeneity. In the case of 2YSZ, its nanostructure, as well as the EDS process itself, contributes to the increased powder stability and enhanced mechanical, chemical and physical properties.      

A presentation by Nuno Vitorino, one of Innovnano’s scientists, will take place on Tuesday 11th July at 15:55 during ECerS 2017. The talk is entitled, emulsion detonation synthesis (EDS) as an alternative route for outstanding YSZ based materials.

In this talk, some of the key benefits of EDS will be outlined. For example, by controlling the specifics of EDS, such as the detonation atmosphere, precursor/starting materials, and conditions, Innovnano scientists can customise the properties of the final material. The result is new and exciting ceramic powders, such as metal matrix ceramic (MMC) inter-granular composites, which will be discussed in the oral presentation. These materials have remarkable dielectric, magnetic and mechanical properties.  

A second presentation by Javier Macias during poster session 1 (17:00-19:00 on Tuesday 11th July) at ECerS 2017 will further demonstrate the advantages of EDS for imparting new and useful material properties to ceramics. The poster is entitled, 2YSZ as alternative matrix for alumina toughened zirconia composites, and will highlight that the use of 2YSZ instead of 3YSZ as ATZ composite matrix results in improved mechanical properties without affecting the ageing process.

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