Innovative Shatter-Proof Coating Provides Invisible Membrane to Glass Surfaces

The first clear, water-based coating that offers an invisible membrane to glass surfaces has been introduced by Axalta Coating Systems. This coating is designed to keep potentially dangerous fragments in place, if the glass breaks or shatters. The Glass Coatings Division of Spencer Coatings Group, which was purchased by Axalta in June 2017, developed the ground-breaking technology.


The shatter-proof coating has already undergone successful tests with the largest cosmetics bottle maker and the largest pharmaceutical glass bottle maker in the world. These bottle makers were attracted to the potential of protecting glass containers of blood plasma, dangerous chemicals and other fluids in high-risk environments. Besides these key uses, the new coating has the potential to protect a huge number of glass substrates for products, such as costly liquid fragrances, beverages and perfumes.

We approach innovation with a true vision and purpose, whether that be benefiting our customers’ business or impacting the world around us. This ground-breaking technology is the first of its kind, and will enhance the quality of items we come across in our everyday life. We look forward to getting this versatile product out into the market as an example of the functional role that coatings can play to improve our lives.

Michael Cash, President, Industrial Coatings

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