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LAB-X5000 Benchtop XRF Analyser Launched by Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science has launched LAB-X5000, the fastest, easiest to use and most versatile model in the 45-year history of the LAB-X.  LAB-X5000 is a compact benchtop EDXRF (energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence) analyser with a streamlined user interface and the shortest measurement start sequence on the market, designed to deliver high sample throughput with quality results achieved by any operator.  Designed to play a key role in production quality control, LAB-X5000 can measure a wide range of materials including petrochemicals, general chemicals, minerals, papers, and films in industrial environments, testing laboratories and mobile operations.

Fast and Easy

Inspired by our line of point-and-shoot handheld analysers, LAB-X5000 offers one-touch operation, requiring minimal input to start an analysis.  The operator prepares the sample, loads it into the analysis port and simply pushes the start button, illuminated with a green LED.  Results are displayed within seconds and updated throughout analysis, allowing the operator to move to other tasks instead of waiting for the final results.  When the measurement is complete, an audible alert gets the operator’s attention.  Results are displayed on a large, industrial grade touch screen along with pass/fail indications and SmartCheck messages which can provide instructions on how to handle measurements that may be out of specification.  This enables faster decision making to improve production and operational efficiency, thereby saving on costs..

LAB-X5000 user interface has been designed with a focus on presenting results clearly, so operators get the information they need as quickly as possible.  The routine analysis screen is 100% dedicated to displaying results; all menus are concealed in a pull-down menu that offers access to powerful features for creating or editing calibrations, investigating unknown materials and managing stored results.

Stable Results and Lower Operating Costs

The LAB-X5000 is designed for high-volume testing and includes features that ensure operators spend more time taking measurements and less time maintaining calibrations.  Atmospheric compensation using internal monitors automatically and instantly corrects for changes in temperature and pressure that can affect XRF performance.  This enables the LAB-X5000 to operate without helium or vacuum purge, reducing operating cost and simplifying instrument setup.  The LAB-X5000 periodically and automatically conducts a brief test to validate that the internal analytical components are performing as expected.

It is good practice before measuring samples to verify the performance of the instrument.  This is achieved by measuring a quality control check sample using a dedicated function on the LAB-X5000 that prompts the operator to measure a sample and automatically compares results to pre-defined acceptance criteria.

Following the reputation of the LAB-X brand for quality and reliability, LAB-X5000 is similarly designed to be durable and protects against damage caused by sample spills.  The instrument, including the touch screen, has been tested for resistance to damage from exposure to chemicals and solvents, as well from physical abuse.  LAB-X5000 includes several features designed to protect the analytical components against damage from sample spills.  Sample cups sit inside a secondary safety window that contains any spills.  The safety window is reusable and is easily assembled without the use of tools.  Once loaded into the instrument, the turntable positions the sample for analysis, then moves the sample away from the analytical components after analysis.  Should a spill occur, it would be away from critical components.  An audible alert is generated when a measurement is complete to inform operators that they should remove the sample from the instrument.

Advanced, Flexible Data Management

LAB-X5000 connects via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet to LiveConnect, a cloud service from Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science that allows secure storage of results.  This allows quality managers to instantly review results from LAB-X5000 instruments in another part of the facility and monitor results from multiple instruments spread across multiple locations.  LiveConnect was originally developed for Hitachi’s leading line of handheld analysers, and for the first has now been optimised for benchtop equipment, adding new functionality that improves the way customers store and access their data.  Locally, data can be transferred using a USB memory stick and printed automatically using the integrated printer.

The LAB-X5000 combines features inspired by decades of experience in developing benchtop XRF equipment with the ease of use and point-and-shoot approach of Hitachi’s line of handheld XRF and LIBS analysers.  Users expect to interact with an XRF analyser the same as with a smartphone.  Our expertise with interface optimisation with handheld analysers led to clever design improvements on the LAB-X5000, resulting in a clear display, true one-touch measurements and unparalleled ease of use in a benchtop XRF analyser.

Matt Kreiner, Product Manager, Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science

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