Latest Options Make PANalytical's X'Pert PRO MPD the Total Solution for High Throughput X-Ray Diffraction

An extended range of options for PANalytical's highly versatile X’Pert PRO MPD X-ray diffractometer make it the total solution for high throughput X-ray diffraction.

The X'Pert PRO MPD, equipped with automated sample changer and PANalytical's high speed, high resolution X'Celerator detector, can process hundreds of full scans every day - achieving the high throughput required for a growing number of X-ray diffraction applications.

The system's new XYZ stage - part of PANalytical's family of interchangeable PreFIX stages, all of which require no alignment - provides total flexibility for both reflection and transmission diffraction studies. Completing the package is X'Pert HighScore Plus software. This comprehensive analytical tool box for diffraction brings together search/match/ID software, Rietveld analysis, cell searching and indexing, and automated full pattern cluster analysis with mixture detection, all in one integrated package.

There is increasing demand for high throughput X-ray diffraction in many R&D and industrial process control laboratories. The need is particularly evident in areas such as drug discovery, new materials research, scale-up development and quality control, where sample numbers can be extremely high.

In combinatorial chemistry applications, such as those in drug discovery and catalyst development, samples are often presented in wells. Here, PANalytical's high throughput solution using the X'Pert PRO MPD includes: an XYZ stage for reflection or transmission mode analysis; state of the art optics; the X'Celerator detector; and the X'Pert software range for automated analysis and reporting. Transmission analysis of well plates, using PANalytical's unique Focusing Mirror optic in combination with the X'Celerator detector, produces data with the highest achievable resolution. Reflection mode analysis offers excellent computer control of beam placement, eliminating cross-talk between wells.

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