RFP 1 kW “The Cube” Induction Heating Equipment

Stanelco RF Technologies creates innovative solutions for thermal process applications through the use of RF technology, with products renowned for their quality and durability. The systems provide exceptional sealing, welding and heating process solutions to a wide variety of commercial sectors; including science, research, production and many other manufacturing supply chains.

Working closely with clients, considering needs and upholding ethical values, our dynamic and experienced team regularly develop new products and processes which are more environmentally sustainable than those they replace.

Stanelco’s RFP 1 kW Induction Heating System, also known as “The Cube”, is enjoying success in the Telecommunication, Medical and Laboratory production applications. The main advantages reported by users of the system include high electrical efficiencies, ease of operation, and a dramatic reduction in cabinet size, leading to positioning the equipment within the same footprint of a laptop.

These high electrical efficiencies are achieved by the innovative use of an Integral Central Management System that monitors and controls all operating parameters linked with a unique compact Remote Work Head Assembly.

Supplied complete with proven RFP Software, the operator can programme many power level settings and time durations for precision control, once delivered to RFP 1 kW Induction Heating System for use via a programme / file stored with ease on a laptop.

The RFP Software can be supplied with an extended Engineering Level element allowing interrogation of the equipment settings, together with the delivered output power characteristics during the heating cycle. This optimisation of the desired thermal process adds predetermined parameters where necessary with acknowledgment, a miss-machined component, for example, can be detected should it reach the heating cycle stages.

All controls are processed by the Integral Central Management System, this provides an extremely stable heat source giving excellent repeatability. There is no start up or shut down time to be considered and can be stopped and restarted on demand by a compact Luminated Operator Switch Box Assembly feed via an interconnecting cable.

The RFP 1 kW Systems can be purchased as Air Cooled Units making this the obvious choice for Laboratory / Medical Clean Room Environments where water-cooling equipment such as fan assisted units circulating a fluid near the customer’s products, are often considered unfriendly.

The maintenance free Compact RFP 1 kW Induction Heating System, “The Cube”, forms part of a growing family of equipment ranging from 0.5 kW to 1.5 kW delivered power, operating at varying output frequencies engineered to suit the customer’s thermal process and component geometry.

Our High Frequency RFP Systems are produced with output power values of 3 kW to 40 kW as bench mounted units, with our well-established Low Frequency Genstar Systems with output power values of 50 kW to 300 kW, allowing our Application Development Engineers, based within our Marchwood Test Laboratory, to select the most appropriate equipment to meet the customer requirements.

Source: https://www.stanelcorftechnologies.com/


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