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Silicon Catalyst Adds New In-Kind Partners Certus Semiconductor and Silitronics

Silicon Catalyst, the world’s only Incubator focused exclusively on accelerating solutions in silicon, announces the addition of Certus Semiconductor and Silitronics as the newest addition to the continuously expanding ecosystem of In-Kind Partners (IKP). Silicon Catalyst continues to work with key industry players to further develop a complete value chain that economically and effectively supports the semiconductor start-ups accepted into the Incubator. These startups utilize Silicon Catalyst’s world-class network of advisors, design tools, silicon devices, networking, with access to funding and marketing acumen needed to successfully launch their businesses.

Specific offerings from these two new IKPs include:

Certus Semiconductor: Provides the most advanced solutions for optimizing area, power, Electro-Static-Discharge (ESD) protection, features and performance of Input/Output (I/O) circuits

Silitronics: Assembles System-in-Package (SiP) Modules for Silicon Photonics, IoT, Carbon Sensors, LiDAR, Bio-Medical, Networking and Defense applications

“We are pleased to welcome Certus and Silitronics, as our Portfolio Companies require these vital services and IP to move their innovative designs from concept to production,” stated Pete Rodriguez, CEO of Silicon Catalyst. "We have created an incredibly powerful and expanding ecosystem for semiconductor startups which includes our Strategic Partners, IKPs, over one hundred advisors and a large community of investors. We have extended the ecosystem starting in 2018 to Universities, industry organizations, other Accelerators and most recently with our international joint venture with Silicon Power Technology. We’re seeing continued momentum for our business model - with the success of our graduates to raise significant funds, launch winning products and win industry competitions.”

Stephen Fairbanks, Director at Certus stated, “When I first heard of Silicon Catalyst, and how it was creating opportunity for silicon and hardware startup companies, it hit straight home. Certus has delivered some of the most unique and problem solving custom ESD and I/O solutions in the industry, and our best work has always been with startups and small companies looking to create unique and differentiating products. I knew we needed to be a part of Silicon Catalyst to get access to greater startup opportunities where we could really help new companies break barriers and solve difficult design problems. This is pure opportunity where we get to showcase our design expertise.”

Dhiraj Bora, President of Silitronics stated, “We see great value in joining the Silicon Catalyst ecosystem as an In-Kind Partner, as it will give us insight into emerging technology applications and the specialized needs of the Portfolio Companies. Our team looks forward to participating and contributing to the success of the startups in the Incubator.”


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