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New Video Explores Linear Displacement Transducer Technology

Position monitoring of industrial hydraulic cylinders can have extreme demands for the electronics inside the linear displacement transducer. Gemco’s linear displacement transducers have several unique features and a construction that allows them to accurately perform position monitoring even in the most rugged applications, for instance when mounted on construction vehicles or excavator-mounted jackhammers.

The Gemco line of linear displacement transducers are certified to withstand shock of up to 1000G. It functions unaffected in a working environment providing up to 30G vibration without compromising the very high accuracy that the Gemco LDT’s are known for.

Gemco rod style linear displacement transducers can be placed in a hydraulic cylinder without removing the cylinder from the vehicle or machine. This saves hours or even days of downtime. Due to the AGC, Automatic Gain Control, feature, a Gemco LDT can be installed with a new magnet or by reusing a previously installed magnet, even when re-using the old magnet, the Gemco LDT will deliver very accurate measurement with programmable zero point and span.  

Ametek LDT Linear Displacement Transducer Technology 2019

The accuracy of Gemco LDTs combined with the mounting options and rod lengths ranging from 2” to 300”, means that installation in brand new equipment as well as older equipment is simple and does not cause longer periods of downtime.

AMETEK STC, the manufacturer of Gemco LDT’s, have released a new video exploring the technology for hydraulics position monitoring.

The newly released video illustrates how to mount rod style  industrial tie-rod cylinders, clevis style cylinders as well as compact housing cylinders designed to work in in confined spaces. The video also provides a graphical explanation of the AGC, Automatic Gain Control. This feature ensures that the LDT will locate the position and identify strength of the cylinder magnet on power up and adjust the internal signal to the optimum setting.

Watch the video and learn why Gemco 953Vmax, 958 Compact Housing and 958 Embedded Style LDT’s have created a wave of updates on the position monitoring market, ensuring longer lifetime for hydraulics cylinders, and lowers the frequency of breakdowns.

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Gemco holds more than 50 years of experience. We pride ourselves on packaging sensors to work flawlessly in the most hostile environments. Gemco is manufactured and supplied by AMETEK STC. Gemco has the largest selection of standard and custom linear displacement transducer products. With over 1,000,000 possible combinations in our standard units alone


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