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Aros Create- New Conductive Nylon Pellets from Graphmatech

Graphmatech has launched a new product called Aros Create. These are Nylon Aros Graphene® pellets with a volume resistivity of less than 1 Ωcm while maintaining polymer lightweight, flexibility, processability, and recyclability. The new composite may be used for extrusion, compression molding and injection molding and has unique electrical and tribological properties (low and stable coefficient of friction and high wear resistance).

The potential applications include electrical circuit components, LED, conductive coatings, additive manufacturing, EMI / RFI shielding, and charge dissipative coatings.

The Product Launch

The product is launched in 22 months and less than 1 million euros since the company was founded. On average, this process takes seven years and tens of millions of euros. Graphmatech also presented the new product for the first time at the NanoForum in Malmö, where the company received the Nanotechnology Company of the Year award in the Nordic region last year.

Graphene Hybrid Material Aros Graphene®

The basic invention of Graphmatech was the graphene hybrid material Aros Graphene®, which is the missing link for the large-scale use of graphene because it does not agglomerate, keep the graphene stable, and readily disperse and tune into various matrices. However, Graphmatech does not sell the Aros Graphene® itself but has decided to integrate Aros Graphene® in the next step in the value chain and to sell composites of plastics, metals or additives for energy storage applications.

"We've done it on a laboratory scale, distributing Aros Graphene® well in a range of engineering polymers with world record results in terms of conductivity, so more products are coming soon," says Dr. Mamoun Taher, CEO and co-founder of Graphmatech.



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