DSM Bringing Innovations Using Science-Based Competences at K 2019

Royal DSM to present innovations using its science-based competences at K 2019. Top highlights - metal replacement for electric vehicles, recycled polyamide from discarded fishing nets, Arnitel® innovation, and sustainable & high-performance athletic footwear.

DSM's Innovations - A Preview

Metal Replacement for Electric Vehicles

DSM’s portfolio of conductive plastics enables the replacement of full-metal enclosures, with shielding efficiencies of around 40-60dB of plastic thickness, which protect from EMI, and can lead to weight reductions of up to 50%.

Akulon® RePurposed: Recycled Polyamide from Discarded Fishing Nets

In DSM’s Akulon® RePurposed, the resin used is fully recycled from discarded nylon-based fishing nets and known for its sustainability profile as much as its performance. The discarded fishing nets are gathered from the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea and are given a new lease of life as fins, fin boxes, standup paddleboard pumps, and other structural parts in surfboards. The product can be applied in many applications specifically sports and leisure industries.

Arnitel® E-TPEE in Athletic Footwear

DSM’s expanded Arnitel® co-polyester (E-TPEE) can be used in mid-soles of athletic footwear to deliver a range of performance advantages:

  • Very high rebound rate of 75-80%, compared to 65-70% other materials such as E-TPU at same densities
  • Consistent performance across diverse climates; Arnitel® has a high consistency in modulus across temperatures from -25 °C to +50 °C
  • Arnitel® enables circularity when designing an all-polyester solution for upper and sole materials, including the adhesives

Arnitel® in Non-Pneumatic Tires

Arnitel®, a family of high-performance thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), offers a combination of flexibility, high temperature resistance, strength and processing characteristics. Arnitel® is increasingly being used as a lighter, smarter, greener alternative to conventional rubbers, reducing environmental impact and, ultimately, system costs.

Under the theme of ‘Bright Science. Brighter Living,’ DSM will be present – at hall 6, booth 11 Düsseldorf, Germany between 16 and 23 October 2019.

Source: https://www.dsm.com/corporate/home.html


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