K 2019 – BASF to Present Super-Slim, High-Performance Insulation Materials

At K 2019, BASF will present its innovative, super-slim high-performance insulation materials - SLENTITE® and SLENTEX® - for the new applications. They are a new generation of energy-efficient aerogel-based insulation materials with outstanding material properties. BASF will present the new examples of applications in carbon concrete facade elements and motorhomes.

SLENTITE® – The Slim Panel for All Climates

SLENTITE® is the purely polyurethane-based aerogel. The heavy-duty aerogel insulation panel offers for maximum efficiency combined with high aesthetics. It:

  • Consists of around 90% air and is breathable
  • Permits insulation up to 50% slimmer than conventional materials

SLENTITE®’s open-porous structure creates a pleasant indoor climate and helps to cut energy costs. Its outstanding insulating performance (λ = 18 mW/m-K) is also coupled with excellent processing qualities. The clean, dust-free panels can be easily cut to size on site and applied directly to walls or coated beforehand.

SLENTEX® – Flexible and Efficient Insulation

SLENTEX® is an easy-to-process and non-combustible material based entirely on mineral raw materials. It is a highly efficient and extra-slim insulation mat. With a λD value of 19 mW/m-K, the material:

  • Achieves much lower thermal conductivity than conventional mineral insulation materials and
  • Permits the construction of very slim wall structures

Beneficially, the material is non-combustible, has an A2-s1, d0 fire class, and is ETA-certified. SLENTEX® permits the diffusion of water vapor (µ ~ 5) while also being hydrophobic, thus making it ideal for facade applications.

Key Applications in the Construction and Transportation Sectors

Slim Concrete Facades for Residential Buildings

To achieve particularly slim wall construction, the new SLENTITE® and SLENTEX® high-performance materials can be used to create an insulating layer between the layers of concrete, reducing the wall thickness by up to 50% over conventional insulation materials.

  • Slimming down the exterior wall significantly facilitates not only new aesthetic approaches, but also a gain in space, which is becoming increasingly precious in inner-city building.
  • In addition, the two high-performance insulation materials can be integrated in the automated precasting of the elements in the concrete plant without further system adjustments.

High-performance Insulation in the Automotive Sector

Owing to their outstanding product properties, SLENTITE® and SLENTEX® are ideal for areas where conventional insulation materials are unsuitable. Saving space is a key criterion for motorhomes, caravans and in the transport industry. The prototypical motorhome, which is being fabricated for K 2019 in cooperation between a well-known recreational vehicle and motorhome manufacturer and BASF, shows how the slim insulation materials help to create valuable space for interior use.

Source: http://www.basf.com/


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