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Luminance Measuring Device Ensures Emergency Lighting Compliance

BSI, the business improvement company, has invested in a GL OPTICAM 1.0 luminance measuring camera, from Analytik to verify emergency lighting product compliance with the standard ISO 3864-2:2016 Graphical Symbols – Safety Colours and Safety Signs Part 4: Colorimetric and Photometric Properties of Safety Sign Materials.

Luminance distribution and contrast measurements are of key importance in the verification of internally illuminated emergency exit signs in compliance with the IEC/EN 60598 series standard. Specific measurements must be performed according to the standard in order to check luminance uniformity across the safety sign, in addition to colour rendering index. For this purpose, a significant number of points on each sign must be tested and compared.

Using a traditional spot measuring device for this task is time and labour intensive, and requires manual calculations and reports, whereas the imagining luminance measuring device provides a quick and reliable testing procedure. The new GL Opticam 1.0 captures the whole image and analyses the luminance level and compare values. Users have quick access to data and immediate verification of compliance.

The Opticam is the only available instrument able to meet all of our requirements and I am pleased with the ongoing support provided to customise the software to meet our specific needs. Our investment with Analytik demonstrates our commitment to constantly improving BSI’s services and in finding new and more efficient testing procedures.

Graham McKay, Global Head of Gas & Electrical Products

We’re really excited to have installed the UK’s first GL Opticam at BSI as the business standards company helps organisations make excellence a habit all over the world. The Opticam is a unique high-performance instrument, which will enable BSI to precisely measure luminance across a wide range of applications.

Isaac Gilbert, Light Measurement and Imaging Specialist, Analytik

The GL Opticam is a high-performance Imaging Luminance Measurement Device designed for the quality control of indoor and outdoor lighting products, illuminated symbols, and automotive, aerospace and street luminance. Equipped with a high resolution CMOS sensor, V-Lambda correction filter and a lens optimised for precise luminance measurements, the GL Opticam is capable of accurately replicating human response to brightness. For further information on the GL Opticam  please visit


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