ICS Penetron to Sponsor Concrete Canoe Competition

ICS Penetron International Ltd., a leader in integral crystalline waterproofing products, announced that ICS Penetron International sponsored the National Concrete Canoe Competition. Each year, the American Society of Civil Engineers' (ASCE) National Concrete Canoe Competition gives students the opportunity to learn teamwork, challenge themselves mentally and physically, and apply the engineering knowledge they gained in the classroom to a fun, "real world" project. More than 250 teams work throughout the year to qualify for the national competition and, in the process, gain hands-on experience working with concrete mix designs, and learn the properties of various materials that can be added to concrete to influence performance.

The same kinds of high-tech concretes and admixtures used by students in the competition are changing the building industry. Engineers use them every day to construct new roads, bridges, buildings and even homes that are stronger, more durable and less expensive. The students will apply the ingenuity and innovation they learn from the competition when solving the construction challenges of tomorrow.

In June, hundreds of civil engineering students from across the country will converge on Stillwater, OK, for the 19th annual competition, where they will make the impossible a reality: design, build and race canoes made of concrete. The best and brightest from the top engineering schools will compete for scholarships by posting the best overall score in categories; aesthetics and structural integrity, a written paper detailing their design and construction process, a business presentation and finally, the races.

"We are very proud to be a sponsor of the Concrete Canoe Competition and for the opportunity to invest in our industry’s future." said Robert G. Revera, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of ICS/Penetron International Ltd. “Giving these students the chance to innovate with new and existing products and technologies will allow them to expand the boundaries of our industry. These same individuals will be the ones leading our profession in 20 years from now and an investment in their success today will ensure a solid foundation for the future.”

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