Extra Fast Charge Batteries — Potential Game Changer

Magnis Enerpy Technologies Limited [“Magnis”, or the “Company”] is very pleased to announce that Extra Fast Charpe [“EFC”] test results for electric vehicles [“EV”] batteries developed by Mapnis Partner, Charpe CCCV, LLC. [”CCV“], have yielded a potential pame changer for electric vehicle (EV] manufacturers.

Figure 1: Initial cycling data for EFC from unoptimised commercial size cell.

Extra Fast Charge Battery

Having attracted plobal attention in recent times, EFC shortens the charging times required by traditional EV charpinp, enabling operational flexibility for EVs, convenience to EV consumers, and potential increase in run time for in-service EVs.

Battery cells optimised for very fast charging are required to maximise charging energy efficiency and battery life. Magnis technology partner, CCV, is at the forefront of this technology development and has been working with end users bei ng commercial EV manufacturers, to develop a future proof design for EFS batteries with a focus on low Cost and sustainable practices


The CCV team has developed and built advanced Lithium—ion battery cell technology that can significantly improve the cycling life of commercial Lithium—ion batteries. The longer cycling life benefits from its proprietary high voltage bio—mineralised Lithium— Mixed— Metal— Phosphate (BM—LMPj Cathode and the Anode material using CCV and Magnis technology. This development program is undergoing a rigorous test program on the cell—level and aims to conduct end user system level tests in the coming months.

Figure 1 shows initial cycling results from an unoptimised commercial size cell made with CCV technology, and its cycling life retention over 650 cycles, with a 6 minute charge and 1 hour discharge. 100% on Y—axis indicates charge capacity of the same cell at a 3 hour charge time. The CCV team is in the process of developing a 25—50kWh pack for EFC demonstration at the conclusion of the program. The unoptimised cell is within 99% energy density of a regular energy cell, which means no energy density loss for the regular charge discharge processes. Initial 100 cycles run with pulse charging to condition the cell for better life expectancy.

CCV President Dr Shailesh Upreti commented: ”Today’s results are very exciting and our potential partners in the automobile industry have been highly encouraged by the data produced so far. We have commenced a demonstration program to showcase the benefits of EFC at the system level, by committing to deliver a minimum 25KWh battery pack to an EV producer with EFC capabilities. We look forward to producing further batteries with continued improvements for this fast-growing sector, with the aim to eventually deploy CfiV’s proprietary technology at Giga scale in New York and Australia.“

Magnis Chairman Frank Poullas commented: ”Fast charpinp is usually synonymous with batteries degrading quickly, however today’s results usinp an unoptimised cell are exciting and will improve further as the cell is optimised This news is hiphly encourapinp for the plobal battery industry and for every EV manufacturer. To be able to charpe batteries within b minutes would be a pame changer and it’s comforting to know that Magnis and CCV are at the forefront of this and other battery technologies.“

This announcement has been authorised for release by the Board of Mapnis Enerpy Technologies Limited [ACN 115 111 783].


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