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Pre-Clinical Vaccine Adjuvant and Therapeutics Manufacturing

Analytik reports how its Microfluidizer® processors are enabling researchers develop a range of therapeutic formulations including vaccine adjuvants, liposomes and lipid nanoparticles.

By reducing particle size uniformly, Microfluidizers from Analytik are helping a growing number of pharmaceutical companies and Contact Development and Manufacturing Organisations (CDMOs) improve the efficacy, bioavailability, stability and process efficiency of their drugs. Today, Microfluidizer® technology from Analytik is widely viewed as the gold standard for scalable uniform particle size reduction for vaccine adjuvants, dispersions, liposomes and cell disruption manufacturing processes.

James Anderson, product specialist at Analytik commented "Currently we are seeing increased interest in using our Microfluidizer systems particularly for vaccine and therapeutics development targeting treatment of or vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus and its associated COVID-19 condition. All vaccines and injectable therapeutics need to be sterile - this is achieved by aseptic processing in a sterile environment often followed by sterile filtration of the adjuvant nanoemulsion.  Both approaches incur challenges and costs but is vital for the safety and quality of the product. Creating a nanoemulsion with a precise distribution curve and droplet size is challenging but will affect the ease with which the emulsion can be sterile filtered. Beneficially, our high shear processing technology produces precisely controlled particle sizes with a narrow size distribution range which creates nanoemulsions that can be successfully sterile filtered even at high volume throughputs with minimal yield losses. As a result, formulations can be produced at production scale, directly scaled from the lab range of Microfluidizer equipment".

Analytik offers a complete range of Microfluidizer® technology that enables you to seamlessly scale up from batch to lab, pilot and even production volumes. For further information please visit or contact Analytik on +44-1954-232776 / [email protected].



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