BAE Systems Launches Cost Effective Alternative to 60 Tonne Tank

BAE Systems has developed an optimal cost effective alternative to the conventional 60 tonne tank.

The CV90120 tank is equipped with an active protection system and weighs only 32 tonnes with added protection, but retains the high level of protection and firepower of a conventional tank. The low weight gives the CV90120 tank far better mobility than a conventional tank at considerably lower costs.

With the integration of a new, innovative, active protection system, BAE Systems Hägglunds' CV90120 tank offers greater fire power in a light combat vehicle that also provides the strategic and tactical advantages of high mobility, transportability, lower impact on environment, lower running costs and lower initial cost. The active protection system can also be integrated in lighter vehicle concepts like SEP, the military vehicle system of the future.

The high technological protection concept, integrated on to the CV90120 tank, the active armour concept, is a high technological protection for today´s and tomorrow´s platforms.

"With this concept, we have taken underlined our systems integration capabilities and demonstrated that there exists a well functioning alternative to conventional heavy tanks," said Arne Berglund, Director Marketing and Sales. "We see a great future potential in this concept."

The Active Armour, developed by Akers Krutbruk in Sweden, is an advanced protection system which discovers, identifies and fights against incoming threats at a close distance. The active protection can, besides protect against personal armour weapons, also offer protection against qualified threats like tank missiles.

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