Viscotek Offer Complete Solutions and Support for GPC/SEC Applications

For laboratories involved with characterisation of natural and synthetic polymers, proteins or nanoparticulate materials - Viscotek is able to offer an unmatched complete GPC/SEC solution backed by informed applications and service support.

With the leading portfolio of high performance GPC/SEC instruments, specialist software, columns and standards Viscotek is uniquely placed to offer total system solutions to unlock the secrets of even the most complex materials. Viscotek's complete systems feature the industry leading Triple Detector Array (TDA™) and the GPCmax™, an integrated pump, auto-sampler and degasser specifically designed for GPC/SEC applications. Triple Detection sets the standard for GPC/SEC technology and is the preferred method for macromolecular characterisation. The TDA™ employs a concentration detector, viscometer and light scattering detector acting in concert, with each detector providing complimentary but different information. The GPCmax™ features a fixed loop autosampler for reproducible sample injection and an isocratic pump for constant and pulseless solvent flow. It also comes equipped with an in-line solvent degasser to remove dissolved gases and allow optimum performance of concentration, viscosity and light scattering detectors.

To compliment its GPC/SEC systems Viscotek offers a comprehensive range of ViscoGEL™ columns that deliver optimum performance, reliability and long column lifetimes, even under the most severe operating conditions. In line with Viscotek's commitment to provide complete solutions for GPC/SEC applications an optimised ViscoGEL™ GPC column is available to suit almost any polymer analysis application. Viscotek also offers a range of GPC standards for natural and synthetic polymer applications. PolyCALTM standards free GPC users from the tedious task of standard preparation by providing pre-weighted portions that are accurate and easy to use. Time efficient, cost effective and validated, PolyCAL™ standards are an excellent tool for lab-to-lab standardisation and cross check. They also come with detail pre-printed labels for laboratory notebooks in support of GLP and ISO requirements.

Viscotek is the leading provider of comprehensive Gel Permation Chromatography (GPC) / Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) solutions, featuring multiple detection for the characterisation of natural and synthetic polymers, proteins and nanoparticulate materials. Viscotek's innovative products and technologies are backed throughout Europe, North America and Asia by superior technical service and analytical support from experienced experts.

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