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New Partnership Between NanoAL, Mitsubishi Corporation and Nikkei MC Aluminum

NanoAL has expanded its commercial partnership with Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan Ltd. (RtMJ) by executing a three-way Joint Development Agreement with RtMJ and Nikkei MC Aluminium Co., Ltd. (NMA).

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This agreement follows the license agreement between NanoAL and RtMJ for additive manufacturing material technology (i.e., Addalloy® powders) back in February 2021. This partnership focuses on developing and commercializing advanced high-pressure die-casting aluminum alloys to address multiple emerging markets, including automotive and consumer electronics.

High-pressure die casting recently got much attention after Tesla adopted it as a method to fabricate sizeable automotive aluminum frames with the casting machine called the ‘Giga Press.’ It is a process in which molten metal is cast into a die under considerable pressure to form a net-shape component.

High-pressure die casting is fast, inexpensive, and requires minimal machining due to its excellent dimensional accuracy and smooth surface; therefore, it’s highly appealing to automotive OEMs. In addition, the achieved highly complex geometry also makes it attractive to other applications such as heat sinks for thermal management.

In this partnership, NanoAL will leverage its proprietary rapid alloy development framework to develop novel aluminum alloy chemistries that achieve a high combination of strength and thermal conductivity while being process-friendly with high pressure die casting. NMA will leverage its secondary aluminum production capability and expertise to drive scale-up and adoption. RtMJ will contribute toward the commercialization of the new materials utilizing its vast existing customer network.

NanoAL’s proprietary alloying technology will help NMA, and its customers, overcome emerging challenges in material selection, design, and manufacturing processes for next-generation high pressure die casting aluminum products

Dr. Nhon Vo, CEO of NanoAL LLC

“In order to achieve high performance and low environmental impact that is required by customers, it is necessary to improve the characteristics of the material. We believe that the distinctive technology of NanoAL is effective in improving those characteristics.“ said Hiroshi Horikawa, Executive Officer of NMA.

Aluminum alloys are essential materials to achieve electrification and a circular economy in the next generation society and contribute to light-weighting in automotive and mobility industries. We hope this collaboration of development in high-performance casting alloys with NanoAL and NMA will create a new value to users,” said Kota Ikenishi, Executive Officer of RtMJ.


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