Micro-Histology: A New Discipline for Organoid Technology

Complex 3D cell models are revolutionizing personalized medicine in drug testing and tissue engineering. Implementing these mini-organs in the applied research and industrial landscape requires new tools for process standardization and parallelization. HistoBrick is a new tool that paves the way toward high-throughput and standardized micro-histology.

HistoBrick: a textured hydrogel-based plate enabling sectioning of 96 micro-tissue arrays throughout the paraffin-embedding histology process. Image Credit: CSEM

​​​​​​​CSEM Tools for Life Sciences is developing solutions for all life stages of micro-tissues, organoids, and tumoroids: production, sorting, positioning, maturation, monitoring, and analysis. The examination of the anatomy of the cells produced in 3D cell models is of particular importance throughout the entire value chain. A new discipline, so-called micro-histology, is addressing this current need of aligning hundreds of organoids in one focal plane for imaging and analysis.

HistoBrick, a new micro-histology tool

In collaboration with the School of Life Sciences FHNW (Prof. Laura Suter-Dick), with its advanced expertise in cell biology and in vitro toxicology, CSEM Tools for Life Sciences has developed a new approach to align organoids. HistoBrick offers precise co-planar positioning of 96 micro-tissues before dehydration, paraffin embedding, and sectioning. All micro-tissues are sectioned simultaneously at the same level resulting in reduced processing and analysis times at high yield.

Official publication in Nature Scientific R​​​​​​​eports

Sarah Heub, Fatemeh Navaee, Daniel Migliozzi, Diane Ledroit, Stéphanie Boder-Pasche, Jonas Goldowsky, Emilie Vuille-Dit-Bille, Joëlle Hofer, Carine Gaiser, Vincent Revol, Laura Suter-Dick, and Gilles Weder, “Coplanar embedding of multiple 3D cell models in hydrogel towards high-throughput micro-histology”, Sci Rep 12, 9991 (2022). Nature Scientific Reports (doi:10.1038/s41598-022-13987-4)  

Source: http://www.csem.ch/


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