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China's Coal Chemical Industry Study in 2006

Research and Markets has announced the addition of China's Coal Chemical Industry Study in 2006 to their offering.

In recent years, with the rising prices of crude oil and natural gas, a shortage of oil & gas resources and the increasing oil importation, the Chinese energy industry is focusing on accelerating the development of the coal chemical industry. Traditional coal chemical industries such as coking and coal gasification ammonia synthesis maintain a rapid momentum. New coal chemical technologies such as Coal liquefaction synthetic oil, coal gasification synthetic alcohol ether and coal chemical cogeneration are also under way. With the start-up of the industrialization of the coal chemical industry, China is bound to be the largest country in this field.

Being the focus of medium-and-long-term national energy development strategy, the new coal chemical industry mainly occupies itself with production of clean energy and substitutes such as diesel oil, gasoline, aviation fuel, liquefied petroleum gas, the raw material ethene and polypropylene, alternative fuels (methyl alcohol, dimethyl aether) etc., being the new emerging industry with the combination technologies applied in energy resources and chemical engineering. The coal chemical industry will play an important role in the sustainable development of China's energy resources in the next twenty years, which will reduce alleviation of environmental pollution caused by coal burning as well as reduce dependence on oil importation. In a word, there will be great demand and opportunities in China's coal chemical industry.

Currently, some domestic coal-mining enterprises and regions are taking advantage of abundant resources to bring about great economic returns and regard new coal chemical engineering as the top priority of the local economy. Great efforts have been made in the adjustment of the industrial structure based on the coal chemical industry to move forward along new industrialization route. Generally, new coal chemical industry is its early stages, which requires huge investments and involves precision technologies. So, overall planning, technical studies, new techniques development and systematic optimization are needed to coordinate the development in coal, chemical, oil and electric power. In this way, the need of a fast-growing national economy will be met.

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