Holographic Data Storage Medium with Ultimate Security on Show at Security 2006

Security technology is the subject of much debate. On the one hand, the recording of personal data should provide the greatest possible control over access to sensitive areas. On the other, this very information needs to be protected against unauthorized access. At this year’s ‘Security 2006’ exhibition in Essen, the Bayer AG subsidiary Bayer Innovation GmbH will be showcasing PhenoStor, the world’s first system based on holographic data storage for the passes of the future.

Looking to find a solution that offers a larger storage capacity and greater security, Bayer has succeeded in writing data holographically into a plastic. This process provides an extremely high protection against unauthorized access to the stored data and prevents it being tampered with or copied.

The material used is resistant to electromagnetic fields and water, and also withstands everyday mechanical stresses. This makes PhenoStor particularly suitable for use in passes and for product protection applications.

A further impressive feature of PhenoStor storage material is its exceptional storage density of over 3 Mbit/mm². This means that in future it will be possible to store several megabytes of data on a PhenoStor card the size of a standard credit card. The medium can be used to store large amounts of confidential personal data. In contrast to conventional systems, this data remains with the person in question, preventing potential misuse
- a development that has been warmly welcomed by data protection experts.
The biometric data saved on the card are aligned with the presented data e.
g. iris-biometry of the person to verify.

The pass system is already in daily use with a number of consumers and there are plans to expand installation of the technology - which covers cards, reading devices and recording units.

PhenoStor is a platform technology with a wide range of possible applications. For example, developers are also working on designs for product protection applications, in particular the integration of open and closed (i.e. visible and invisible) security features for items such as medications.

Bayer has adopted a strategy of close technical and commercial cooperation with partners such as PCS Systemtechnik GmbH and byometric Systems AG, who are assisting with the development of PhenoStor and the exploration of new markets.

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