Ferro Introduces Evolution Coatings for Stainless Steel Products

Ferro Corporation has introduced its new Evolution(TM) coatings, which take today's stylish metallic kitchen finishes to a higher level, with performance that maintains beauty to build long-term brand popularity. Unlike stainless steel, Evolution does not show noticeable fingerprints, does not discolor from heat, and is resistant to stains, scratching, and chemical cleaners. In addition to providing a long-lasting, easy-care finish, Evolution offers a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel and copper for manufacturers facing escalating metal prices. Product differentiation is enhanced with Evolution's extensive range of custom metallic colors.

Evolution is ideal for refrigerators, ranges, cooktops, sinks and plumbing ware. Washing machines may also benefit from Evolution's stylish appearance as laundry appliances increasingly move from basements into more visible living spaces. Evolution's durability and resistance to heat, flames, staining, weather and corrosion make it a superior choice for grills compared to stainless steel, which is quickly marred in appearance with actual use. It also can add stylish metallic color possibilities to the exterior surfaces of designer cookware.

Evolution provides the sophisticated appearance of metal with the performance of classic porcelain enamel coatings. Surfaces coated with porcelain enamel provide a number of performance benefits, including:

  • Sanitary qualities - the hard, dense surface is an excellent barrier to odor and bacteria
  • Ease of cleaning - the unique hardness and abrasion resistance make it easy to clean with mild cleaning solutions and little effort
  • Resistance to scratching and abrasion - substantially greater than the hardest organic coating
  • Resistance to chemical damage - the surface is highly resistant to acids, alkalis, water, solvents, oils, UV light, salt, and soil corrosion
  • Corrosion resistant - excellent resistance to corrosive industrial atmospheres, such as salt, air, gas, and smoke
  • Graffiti proof - high gloss and surface lubricity allows graffiti to be wiped off
  • Flame proof - able to withstand intermittent or long-term heat without changing physical, chemical or appearance properties
  • Color stability - provides permanent lifetime finish in a broad color spectrum, and is used as a physical color standard for the ink, plastics, and textile industries
  • Environmentally friendly - requires no solvents; coated parts are easily recycled
  • Weather resistant - glossy, acid resistant porcelain enamel has shown no change in color or gloss after 15 years of exposure; it will not peel, blister, or delaminate from the metal surface if applied correctly

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