Viscotek Launch DLS Microplate Instrument at Pittcon 2007

Viscotek, market leader in multi-detector characterisation of polymers, proteins and nanoparticulate materials, has announced the launch at Pittcon 2007 this week of a new state-of-the-art DLS microplate instrument - the HorizonDLS ™.

Incorporating Viscotek's patented Single Mode Fibre (SMF) optical detection, unique Dual Attention Technology (DAT) and independent temperature control of microplate and sample the new HorizonDLS™ sets a new benchmark for automated biomolecular characterisation.

The HorizonDLS™ delivers the same unmatched sensitivity on ultra low sample volumes as the acclaimed Model 802 DLS, but automatically, from the entire plate or selected wells, with no user interaction required. After manual or robotic placement of a prepared microplate into the temperature controlled instrument - intuitive OmniSIZE™ software then automatically makes the measurements according to the user programmed acquisition sequence and the results are displayed in seconds. A complete size distribution of an entire microplate can be automatically accomplished in just minutes

The HorizonDLS™ uniquely delivers both productivity and performance to a broad range of applications including screening of aggregates prior to protein crystallisation, monitoring size and aggregation as a function of varying solution conditions, buffer optimisation and characterisation and screening biotherapeutics for self-association.

All laboratories involved in biomolecular characterisation require a complete understanding of how their proteins and other biomolecules function in solution. Stability, conformation, aggregation and complex formation are all important issues facing a wide variety of research and development laboratories. The Viscotek HorizonDLS™ is an essential tool that can provide this information in a fast, accurate and user-friendly manner.

Founded in 1985, Viscotek is the global leader in GPC / SEC detectors, software and systems for the characterisation of polymers, proteins and nanoparticles. Launched in 2005 Viscotek's innovative Model 802 DLS instrument has been widely acclaimed by laboratories around the world particularly those specialising in biomolecular discovery, development and delivery, protein-protein interactions, protein conformation analysis and measurement of the stability and size of lipids and conjugates.

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