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Nitto Denko's High Performance Membranes Selected for Seawater Desalination Plants

Japan's leading diversified materials company Nitto Denko Corporation and its fully owned U.S. subsidiary Hydranautics have landed a contract to supply their "SWC5" high-performance reverse osmosis (RO) filtration membrane elements for a seawater desalination plant to be constructed on the Mediterranean coast in Algeria, north Africa, a country suffering from chronic water shortage. The contracted volume of the elements to be supplied to this Algerian plant is of a largest-scale for a single project, the companies say.

Located in Oceanside, California, Hydranautics is an innovative membrane technology company which was acquired by Nitto Denko in 1987. SWC5 is ND/HY's state-of-the-art RO membrane element characterized by high permeate flow and high salt rejection.

With a contract award also being expected for another Algerian desalination plant project, the total monetary amount of the Algerian contracts is expected to far exceed JPY 2 billion ($16.7 million), the ND/HY group says. Moreover, having won supply contracts for desalination projects also in Spain and Mexico, ND/HY will achieve the position of the world's largest-scale supplier of seawater desalination RO membranes, they point out.

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