Leading British Door Manufacturer BASF PermaSkin Technology

Leaderflush Shapland, one of the largest performance door and doorset manufacturers in Great Britain, is now using PermaSkin®, BASF’s complete system for finishing the surfaces of components made of wood, metal or plastic. This system combines the high-performance plastic Luran® S (ASA: acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate copolymer), which is processed into a high-quality weather-resistant film, with an innovative coating technology. This special film solution is employed by Leaderflush Shapland to finish internal door frames manufactured from wood-fibreboard (MDF). Door frames thus wrapped create a ready to gloss finish whilst providing extra protection during transportation and on-site. Following a phase of intense testing, PermaSkin is now celebrating its debut in the construction sector.

High-quality and durable surfaces
“We manufacture complete doorsets for environments like hospitals and schools which demands a very robust product. The PermaSkin system was carefully evaluated with our customers before we concluded that it offers a uniform damage resistant finish which meets all our performance requirements, even when doorsets are exposed to significant abuse. When combined with the simple application process, small space requirements and the innovative approach of funding the project proposed by BASF, it was easy to justify offering PermaSkin on our products” says Todd Altman, Managing Director at Leaderflush Shapland. This company, founded in 1930 and headquartered in Nottingham, England, specialises in doors for public and commercial buildings such as kindergartens, hospitals, and office equipments.

Complete solution comprising film and process technology
Typical surface textures such as the grain of wood are reproduced with great precision by this colourfast, thermoplastic ASA film. It adapts to the natural expansion of the wood and is mechanically sturdy, UV-stable and chemical-resistant. Its processing is quick, simple and solvent-free: without special deep-drawing equipment, the film can be shaped and applied in one single work step using specially developed laminating machines. Finished parts such as doors, window frames or façade elements can be sheathed on both sides at the same time. BASF is offering the PermaSkin system within the scope of a new business model: customers receive not only the film but an entire package encompassing the machines, the adhesive and the requisite licenses.

PermaSkin and PlasticsPlus
The system PermaSkin belongs to BASF’s PlasticsPlus™ product line of specialty plastics comprising high-performance plastics based on styrene, biodegradable materials and foams. Whenever exacting requirements have to be met, the experts and products of PlasticsPlus offer a high level of diversity, reliability, partnership and innovative solutions.

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