JA Woollam VASE Research Spectroscopic Ellipsometers Available through Scientific Solutions

Scientific Solutions has reached an exclusive distribution agreement with JA Woollam Co Inc, USA, manufacturers of Spectroscopic Ellipsometers for non-destructive thin film and bulk material characterization.

Spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE) has become the standard for measuring thin film thickness and optical constants (n and k). Spectroscopic ellipsometry is used for characterization of all types of materials: dielectrics, semiconductors, metals, organics, and more.

Scientific Solutions offer Ellipsometers covering a spectral range to meet any need (from the vacuum UV to the far IR). Many upgrade options are available with J A Woollam Ellipsometers: automated sample translation, variable temperature (heating or cooling), focusing optics, liquid cells, etc.

The VASE® features highest accuracy measurement in ψ and Δ, high-precision angle over all wavelengths, and a wide spectral range (193nm to 2200nm). It is available with vertical sample mounting, automated sample mapping, and focused spot size. This is the ideal RESEARCH Ellipsometer.

Vase Key benefits are the highest Precision and Accuracy of any wide spectral range Ellipsometer. It features a totally automated Angle of Incidence.

The instrument easily characterises all types of materials:
semiconductors, dielectrics, polymers, metals, multilayers, and more

The Instrument acquires:

  • Reflected and transmitted ellipsometry
  • Polarized transmission and reflection intensity
  • % depolarization (requires AutoRetarder)
  • Anisotropic measurements (ideal with AutoRetarder)
  • Mueller Matrix
  • Scatterometry

Scientific Solutions are the Surface Science instrumentation specialists with a wealth of experience in supplying solutions for research and development and industrial measurement requirements.

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