New Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Analyser for Metals Recycling Industry

Oxford Instruments has launched a new, portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyser with vacuum pump for the quick sorting of high value alloys in the metal recycling industry. The X-MET3000TXV+ can now measure silicon and magnesium in aluminum and the aluminium in titanium alloys that were previously not measurable with portable XRF instruments. With one pull of the trigger, the light weight X-MET3000TXV+ delivers faster-than-ever results for rapid and accurate alloy identification as well as a detailed quantitative analysis of the sample composition.

With this system, there is no compressed gas bottle to carry, the cost of consumables is eliminated and sorting won’t stop when the gas runs out. The small and efficient vacuum pump does not have an external valve which might get blocked in dusty environmental operating conditions.

The new vacuum feature is enhanced by the high resolution PentaPIN™ detector that delivers faster analysis and lower detection limits. It is configured primarily to identify aluminum alloys which are differentiated only by their concentration of silicon or magnesium and titanium alloys which are differentiated by their aluminum content. This unit brings the most value to users who need to quickly separate cast and wrought aluminum alloys, identify 5000 series alloys and distinguish 4000 series alloys. The X-MET3000TXV+ can perform to the same high standard of the X-MET3000TX+ analyzer on all other alloy types (nickel alloys, stainless steel, copper alloys, etc.)

With traditional portable XRF analysers, alloy identification has been based on the analysis of the heavy elements because magnesium, aluminum and silicon produce low energy x-rays that are impeded by air. The portable vacuum pump of the X-MET3000TXV+ evacuates the analysis path of air, making the measurement of these elements possible.

Inclusion of the new PentaPINTM detector - which is based on the Oxford Instruments’ proven and patented PentaFET® technology - enables faster analysis and lower detection limits for all elements to be analyzed. Low detection limits are an irreplaceable feature due to the exacting standards of the metal recycling industry. With the PentaPINTM detector, a ten second analysis produces the equivalent of a thirty second analysis made using an instrument with a standard Si-PIN detector. New improved software has been implemented to process the data generated by the detector and increases the accuracy of the results obtained.

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