Titanium Prosthetics for Heavier Patients

Seattle Systems, Inc. www.seattlesystems.com., a Northwest US-based company supplying orthotics, prosthetics and orthopedic products, recently announced an innovative line of modular titanium lower-limb adaptors offering new high-strength prosthetic choices for patients weighting up to 350 pounds.

The components include all the parts necessary for a prosthetics professional to create a state of the art, lightweight prosthetic leg for the heavier or highly active patient. Each titanium component is machined from aerospace grade titanium to stringent quality standards.

For the heavier patient, Seattle Systems has created multiple foot adaptor components, including both pyramid and female, as well as vertical height adaptors (Staats), and 30 mm clamp and four-prong adaptors.

A carbon fiber pylon used to connect these adaptors and help the prosthetic leg take shape are also offered at the newly rated 350-pound limit. These high-strength parts have also been carefully designed to minimize weight through the removal of all unnecessary material during the machining process.

" In the past four years, the number of men in the U.S. weighing more than 300 pounds has increased 50 percent to one in 80, and the number of women in this weight range has increased 67 percent, to one in 200," said Dave Hensley, CP, FAAOP, Seattle Systems' practitioner and educator. "The bottom line is that people are bigger these days and Seattle Systems' strong yet lightweight components go a long way to help them achieve their highest possible activity level."

" These new titanium options will allow the practitioner to fulfill an extremely wide variety of patients' needs with quality product from one manufacturer," says Meg Hall, product manager for Seattle Systems prosthetics products.

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