A multitude of colours for Concrete

Coloured concrete products are presenting planners and contractors with a broad array of design options. Concrete can now be permanently coloured to match the surroundings of the structure.

Pigments manufactured at Bayer Chemicals are suited for the creation of a number of natural colours, making concrete, a highly customizable building material, even more attractive. A multitude of shades can be created in combination with chromium oxide green.

Other products in the line include low-dusting forms of pigments with high tinting strength in the base colors red, yellow and black.

Additive metering allows processors to mix the desired shade themselves. The base pigments are measured out in defined weight ratios, with starting formulations providing guidance on the required quantities.

The individual colours can be added to the mixer simultaneously. Additive metering enables the processor to quickly and flexibly respond to customer requests for colours, there is no need to order expensive specialty colours and it results in reduced logistics and warehousing costs.

The good flow characteristics of these base pigments greatly simplify transportation from the scale to the mixer: unlike powdered pigment, the granulated or compact pigment can be transported using compressed air.

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