AeroFoam Metals Establishes Armored Vehicles Division

Aerofoam Metals Inc. is pleased to announce that it has established AeroArmor Vehicles Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, for the purpose of manufacturing, marketing, and distributing various classes of armored vehicles for a variety of specialized applications.

AeroArmor Vehicles Ltd. will manufacture 6 classes of armored vehicles and 1 armored amphibious unit - Strathcona(TM), Hussar(TM), Vandoos(TM), Stegos(TM), Cambrian(TM), Garry Horse(TM), and Swamp Fox(TM) - each with customized elements for the final use.

"We are going at this very aggressively to establish AeroArmor Vehicles Ltd. as the pre-imminent armored vehicle company in the industry. Utilizing Aerometal(TM) will enable AeroArmor to manufacturer lighter, faster vehicles for maximum evasion and avoidance capability while offering superior ballistic and blast mitigation attributes. The Aerometal(TM) will give us this distinct competitive edge in the industry. We will be building up and out as quickly as possible to supply the great demand in the marketplace," said Paul Colacci, President and Head of Product Demand for Aerofoam Metals Inc.

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