MaxPhase Coating to be Used by Mobile Phone Manufacturer to Replace Gold

With the super material MaxPhase, Impact Coatings delivers a superior contact coating to the consumer electronics industry. The approval by a mobile phone manufacturer shows the potential of MaxPhase and accelerates the commercialization.

Earlier this year, the same customer ordered MaxPhase coatings for final qualification of a mobile phone application. The MaxPhase coatings, produced by Impact Coatings, have now proven to meet all the customer’s specifications.

In the mobile phone application, MaxPhase replaces gold plating on contacts for the purpose of improving the resistance to wear and corrosion. The result of the evaluation demonstrates that MaxPhase outperforms gold, both during normal usage and in harsher environments.

The contacts are manufactured in strip format, thereby suitable for production in Impact Coatings’ new cost efficient coating system, ReelCoater. The customer approval is planned to be followed by an industrial upscaling. In addition to the mobile phone manufacturer, some of the world’s largest connector manufacturers participate in a project to prepare for integration of the ReelCoater into their production flows.

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