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MS&T 2007 Detroit Podcasts

MS&T 2007 Detroit Podcasts

H.E.F. USA - Michael Wright, Manager Nitriding Sales and Service

H.E.F. specialize in coatings and surface treatments for wear and friction applications. He explains the differences between the two different systems and the types of hard materials they work with as well as their ability to provide solutions in the form of materials, components or technologies. Michael also tells us about H.E.F.'s custom designed bearings for high load, low rotation applications in harsh environments.

STORK MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY - Audrey Bressler, John Alexander and Tom Augustin

Audrey from Stork Climax Research, who provide failure analysis, fatigue analysis, mechanical testing, full chemistry as well as corrosion and wear testing as well as hot hardness testing up to 800°C which is quite rare in the US.

HORIBA JOBIN YVON - Philippe Hunault, General Manager Emission Group and Paul Tivin, Sales Engineer, Thin Film Group

Philippe tells us about a new ICP system developed by Horiba that recently won an award at PITTCON earlier in the year and the reasons why it is so simple and accurate to use, as well as its comprehensive database for materials identification. He also discusses a new Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometer for depth profiling.

CSM INSTRUMENTS - Nicholas Randall, Vice President Business Development

Nicholas explains the range of instruments CSM which fall into the categories of indentation, scratch testing and tribolical testing and their wide appeal.

MICROMERITICS - John Guerin, Director of Global Accounts

John tell us about the Elzone II particle size analyzer which uses the Coulter electrical sensing principle and features a host of new capabilities. He also explains the advantages of this technique over other more conventional particle size analysis methodologies.

ROLLED ALLOYS - Jason Wilson, Technical Marketing Director

Jason briefly walks us through the Rolled Alloys catalog which includes stainless steels, heat resistant aloys, as well as titanium and cobalt alloys suitable for high temperature and wet corrosion applications and the industries where they are used.

COORSTEK - Michael Sturm, Business Development Manager

CoorsTek have come to MS&T 07 to promote a new product, Durasense, an alumina toughened zirconia which can replace yttria stabilized zirconia and is suitable for use in oxygen sensors. This mew material is in addition to CoorsTek's vast range of ceramic materials used to make tubes, rods, extruded and cast materials.

ASM INTERNATIONAL - Thomas Passek, Associate Managing Director

Tom talks to us about the success of MS&T, the largest materials event in North America that brings together ASM International, the American Ceramic Society, the AIST and TMS and 6000 materials professionals.

GRANTA DESIGN - Will Marsden, Product Manager for Aerospace, Defence and Energy

Will explains how Granta designs software tools for the materials industry to make their life easier, including techno-economic data and data management tools.

McCRONE MICROSCOPES AND ACCESORIES - Jeffrey McGinn, Director of Instrument Sales

McCrone are Linkam's official US dealer and Jeffrey introduces us to the Linkam Imaging Station, which incorporates several user friendly features including PC control allowing images to be streamed to your PC and analyzed in almost real time. The versatile design allows for a range of cameras to be attached, as well as different stages such as heating, cooling, DSC, freeze drying and tensile stages as well as two objective lenses.

OXFORD INSTRUMENTS NANOANALYSIS - Kara Noack, Midwest Regional Sales Manager

Kara introduces us to Oxford's range of chemical analysis instruments for the nanomaterials sector. These include EDS, WDS and EBSD systems, as well as the Kleindig manipulator which can move minute objects.

ACTLABS - David Beauchamp, Customer Service Representative

Actlabs have recently gotten into the testing of RoHS-5 (hazardous) materials and explains the various test methods for detecting them including neutron activation, hot water leach and x-ray fluorescence and their relevance to industries such as electronics.

CARBOLITE - Robert Harms, Sales Director, North America

Robert talks to us about Carbolite's range of laboratory scale furnaces with operating temperatures from 1000 to 1800°C with state-of-the-art control systems. He also introduces us to Carbolite's recently developed microwave assisted box furnace that combine both microwave heating with radiant heating. The advantages of this technology are explained.

ATI WAH CHANG, a division of ALLEGHENY TECHNOLOGIES - Melissa Martinez, Research Metallurgist

Melissa introduces us to ATI-425® a titanium alloy that has been under development for the last 10 to 15 years that is now finding a range of applications. She explains its advantages over other titanium alloys such as Ti6Al4V.

ACerS - Jennifer Burnham, Marketing Manager and Megan Mehan, Marketing and Membership Services

More recently the the ACerS have rolled out a new web site offering more to members, including news and access to the well respected Journal of the American Ceramic Society and access to new phase equilibria diagrams, currently number over 20,000.

METAMATERIA PARTNERS a subsidiary of NANODYNAMICS - Richard Shaw, President

Richard tells us about some recently developed technologies owned by MetaMateria Partners. The first is for water clean up and uses a wet chemical process to grow nanomaterials on the pores of ceramics. The nanomaterials can be tailored to suit a particular applications or situation.

SPRINGER - Alex Greene, Editorial Director

Alex tells us about Springer's recently announced publishing arrangement with ASM International and TMS as well as other industry related organizations that sees them producing journals and other publications.

BULLEN ULTRASONICS - Thomas Fote, Sales Manager

Bullen's core competency is ultrasonic machining of hard and brittle materials such as ceramics, glass, sapphire and quartz. Tom explains how the ultrasonic machining process works, the size of features that can be machined and the tight tolerances that can be achieved.