Rubbers and Elastomers Videos

Rubbers and Elastomers Videos
This video shows flooring materials made from recycled tires and bamboo, which is considered a suatainable building material.
Epoxy is great for gluing together a variety of materials. From glass to stone, the video demonstrates why epoxy glue is what you need to use to get a lasting bond.
A visual demonstration on the production of PET bottle through the process of blow molding.
This video quickly describes the tensile testing procedure for plastics materials, in this case HDPE. All important pieces of equipment are shown, a test is performed so you can clearly see the behaviour of HDPE during the test and sample results are displayed.
The video demonstrate the development of a new highly conductive film that can be stretched like rubber. It has many application in electronic circuitry and in particularly in the development of artificial skin incorporated with sensors.
A comprehensive look at how tires are produced and the materials they are made from including rubber, rayon and steel.
Zwick robotic testing system 'roboTest A' with materials testing machine 20 kN for tensile tests on thin sheet, plastics or elastomer / rubber according to standards like (ISO 6892, ISO 527, Z010, Z020, ISO 3167, ASTM D 638)
This video features Turcon® Roto L seal from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. These seals are first ever active seal that seals only when it is required.
Introducting Internatioanl Decal Rub-On Transfer System used for decorating products and substrae such as wood, stainless steel, acrylic, glass, ceramic, leather and vinyl products. They are highly durable and hand washable. Different printing methods are available in accordance with customer specification. See how this is done.
This is an instructional video showing how to make a mold from silicone rubber. Silicone rubber molds provide high accuracy and self releasing properties. They are also heat resistance, possess excellent tear strength and elongation and are suited to a wide variety of mold applications and can be used to cast a range of materials.
This video shows the applications, features and properties of conformal coating, potting, encapsulating, conductive coatings, form in place gaskets, silicone molds, fixtures, board cleaning in electronic component production and the technologies currently used in conformal coatings.
Paul Stewart from United Testing Systems demonstrated the ASTM D412 tension test on a rubber sample. He runs the test to determine the ultimate tensile strength of the material, demonstrates software control of the instrument and shows the results from the tension test.
This short video from Simtec Silicon Parts demonstrates the two shot injection transfer process for producing liquid silicone parts (LSR)
A video clip showing the innovative Australian technology transforming household plastic and rubber waste into steel. The technology has positive environmental implications through reducing landfill. The trechnology also reduces energy consumption in the electric arc furnace in the steel making process.
There is a growing group of homeowners around the world that is turning to green materials when it comes to renovating their house or building their house. However finding green products is not as easier as it seems. This video clip give the viewer ideas on the products that is currently available for keeping your home "green" and most importantly where to find these products. Go Green!!
A video clip detailing the process of plastic injection molding and the importance of the shrink factor of the plastic during the plastic injection molding process.
A video clip showing innovative "smart" rubber which display self-healing properties after being cut in half !!
A video clip showing the process of extrusion blow molding which describes the use of the center feed assembly and the side-feed assembly. Also discuss the different types of dye tooling
An interview with a representative from DuPont on discussing the company's renewable packaging products. The use of biodegradable materials and various thin films to create these products. Also DuPont's strategy in releasing renewable packaging products.
The iPhone app from gives you the world of materials in the palm of your hand. It offers you a totally portable way to locate materials solutions, suppliers and products as well as providing you with the latest materials news, conveniently broken down into categories to suit various industry sectors.
Interesting video clip giving viewer an introduction into the history of polymers, how we are surrounded by polymers in our evryday lives as well as the various types of polymer degradation such as thermal, photo and mechanical is also shown in detail. Each of these forms of degradation are examined.
A video clip showing the production of plastic bottles. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is used in the production of plastic bottles. This video clip shows the entire production process of plastic bottles. Plastic preforms are made by injection molding, followed by a reheat stretch blow molder which creates the final shape. The machine in this video manufactures 10600 bottle per hour. Final inspection and testing of the plastic bottles to ensure application suitability is also covered.
This application video reviews edge cutting epoxy woven glass using a PCNC 1100 CNC mill. The application example involves cutting individual printed circuit boards (PCBs) out of a larger panel.
The FlashLine series from Anter Corp is able to determine various thermal properties of a wide range of materials using the laser flash method. The properties that the FlashLine can determine include thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity. The modular unit allows thermal properties to be determined at a range of temperatures from cryogenic to 2800°C.
Zwick robotic testing system 'roboTest R' with materials testing machine 20 kN for tensile tests on elastomers / rubber according to standards like (ISO 37, DIN 53504, ASTM D 412, ISO 34)
ThyssenKrupp Aerospace USADuPont Vice President and General Manager William F. Weber announces 10 winners and 8 notable achievements for breakthroughs in improving sustainability of packaged goods.
Zwick robotic testing system 'roboTest R' with materials testing machine 20 kN for tensile tests on Elastomers / Rubber according to standards like ( ISO 37, DIN 53504, ASTM D412)