Coatings Videos

Coatings Videos
Interesting video showing the latest development in artificial joint material using carbon nanotubes. Using nanobiotechnology and carbon nanotubes, researchers have developed a material for use in the acetabular cup that wears less than more conventional materials such as polyethylene and ceramics. They hope to extend the life of these artificial joints beyond the 15-20 years that is currently the norm.
The CSM TTX Table Top Instrument is a high performance Nanoindentation Tester (NHT) in a small and simple-to-use package. It is suited to customary nanoindentation testing where a complete platform configuration is not required.
An instructional video on how to keep your stainless steel appliances looking like new using ProtectaClear.
This video demonstrates a pair of hair dressers scissors with a decorative, yet function titanium nitride coating which provides extreme hardness.
The introduction of the Nanosceptor coating machine that places transparent coating on glass, plastic and metals which repels water, oil and other adhesive materials. Normal TEFLON coatings have a thickness of around 10microns, but with the Nanosceptor the coating thickness is only several nanometers !! Watch and see how this is done
This video shows the InlineCoater PVD system from Impact Coatings. The versatile InlineCoater PVD system employs load-lock and multiple chamber parallel processing.
This short video runs you through the range of handheld coating thickness measurement instruments from Fischer Instrumentation. These instruments use different technologies and the various useful features of these devices are demonstrated, as well their ease of operation.
This video from Master Bond shows a presentation on how to obtain optimal bond strength with proper preparation of metal surface.
Prof. Iain D. Baikie from KP Technology shows us their Ultrahigh Vacuum Kelvin Probe. It is used for measuring changes in a sample's surface such as may be the case when a coating is employed, due to temperature changes and can be adpated for use with semiconductors.
This video shows the Ultrasonic wet process systems from Sono-Tek for coating thin film on silicon solar cells.
In this animation video Max Bond shows the backstage and behind the scenes of the Master Bond Video Library.
A video clip showing air conditioning polyester clothing which blocks UV better than ordinary polyester materials and these clothing has been sputter coated with titanium to give it its unique properties. Sputtering helps deposit a better film layer on the surface of the fibre without harming the fabric and yet maintaining superior adhesion.
This video shows the applications, features and properties of conformal coating, potting, encapsulating, conductive coatings, form in place gaskets, silicone molds, fixtures, board cleaning in electronic component production and the technologies currently used in conformal coatings.
The Nanoindenation platform is a versatile system available in two configuations that allow you to build a device tailored ot your specific requirements. You can incorporate various testing modules such as: Nano and microindentation; Nano and microscratc; and Micro/nanoscratch. You can also choose between imaging systems suc as a: Video microscope; AFM; or profilometer.
The video demonstrate the development of a new highly conductive film that can be stretched like rubber. It has many application in electronic circuitry and in particularly in the development of artificial skin incorporated with sensors.
An interview with a representative from DuPont on discussing the company's renewable packaging products. The use of biodegradable materials and various thin films to create these products. Also DuPont's strategy in releasing renewable packaging products.
This video shows how Epner Technology deposited a 0.5 micron thick laser gold coating on a highly polished beryllium mirror for use on the Mars Orbiter.
The Japanese are developing dye-sensitized solar cells (DSC) which does not require any silicon making it cost effective and can be mass produced to meet future market demand as solar cell usage increase. The current development method has overcome previous production challenges and meet up to the JIS standard and the results are comparable to conventional silicon based solar cells.
Introducting Internatioanl Decal Rub-On Transfer System used for decorating products and substrae such as wood, stainless steel, acrylic, glass, ceramic, leather and vinyl products. They are highly durable and hand washable. Different printing methods are available in accordance with customer specification. See how this is done.
This video shows the ReelCoater PVD System from Impact Coatings. This system is designed for the special needs of the electrical component industry.
This video describes why powder coatings are better than painted coatings and its advantages. It goes on to describe what equipment is required to produce powder coatings, as well an including instructional on how to produce powder coatings.
The newest in innovative medical material is the nano-composite hydrogel or NC Gel. This video demonstrate the medical applications of NC Gel which display good mechanical properties, transparencies and is made of 90% ordinary water suitable for various biological applications. Not only that, it is also environmentally friendly.
A short demonstration of a Bentley with nano-coated car window showing its ability to protect against different types of solutions and testings.
The endless lifecycle of an aluminum can. From a aluminum drink can that is recycled and turned back into another drink can, to start the process all over again.
The Nexdep electron beam evaporation system from Angstrom Engineering has been designed for research and development applications. It can operate in either electron beam evaporation, resistive evaporation or sputter deposition modes.
This video shows EP42HT-2Med epoxy system from Master Bond. EP42HT-2Med is a room temperature curable, two-component epoxy, sealant, adhesive, coating and casting material featuring outstanding chemical resistance along with high-temperature resistance.
Phil Harrip from Scientific Solutions demonstrates the SITA Dynamic Surface Tensiometer used for measuring surface tension. He shows us how the instrument works, key components and describes commercial applications that the SITA Dynamic Surface Tensiometer is suited to such as detergent and surfactant manufacturers, coating manufacturers and inkjet manufacturers.
This animation video shows Max’s love affair with Master Bond Epoxies.
Have you ever heard the term "hydrophobic" and wondered what it meant. This video explains what super hydrophobic surfaces are and how they work. Included are demonstrations to illustrate this and how they work in nature and potential commercial applications.
A video clip showing how Ecology Coatings using liquid nanotechnology, and vitually no harmful materials in the production process can save energy, reduce wastage which increases efficiency. These coatings are ultraviolet curable and provide an abrasion resistant surface with excellent adhesion. Comparisons are drawn to traditional coating processes and coatings.
The iPhone app from gives you the world of materials in the palm of your hand. It offers you a totally portable way to locate materials solutions, suppliers and products as well as providing you with the latest materials news, conveniently broken down into categories to suit various industry sectors.
This video shows the ultrasonic spray systems from Sono-Tek. This system reduces the manufacturing equipment costs.
Anodizing certain metals such as aluminum, titanium can produce certain optical characteristics. This video clip provides an in depth explanation of how the process works with a detailed demonstration.
University at Buffalo chemists are using graphene, to develop new coatings for rust-proofing steel.
This video shows self-healing, superhydrophobic coating from NEI Corporation. Water droplets are poured on to the surface of superhydrophobic coating; the coated surface repels the water droplets.
This video features non-halogen filler, Master Bond epoxy EP21FRNS-2 passes the UL 94V-0 test. This is a flame retardancy test used in encapsulation, casting and plotting applications.
This video clip from Corus shows the coating of fabricated steel members for building and construction applications. Decorative and functional coatings are applied once fabrication is complete. The types of coatings are dictated by design regulations and architectural demands. Intumescent coatings are detailed. Read More

This video shows the benefits of high temperature resistant epoxies from Master Bond.
This video shows a chemical resistant and high strength EP62-1 epoxy system from Master Bond.
Tony Fischer-Cripps explains what nanoindentation is and shows us the IBIS Nanoindentation system. During the explanation of the technique he also talks about typical applications such as testing of coatings, scratch testing, mineral analysis and semiconductor testing. It can determine such properties as friction co-efficients, Young's modulus and properties of thin films.
A video clip showing what powder coating is and how powder coating works. The particles that are coated consist of various elements that are discussed further in the video. The video shows how powder coating achieves a continuous and homogenous layer on a substrate.
Metals can be plated for various reasons. These may be for functional reason such as to improve wear or corrosion resistance to purely aesthetic reasons. Metals can be plated with other metals such as zinc, chromium or nickel for industrial purposes, while tin, brass, gold and silver are more commonly employed for aesthetic applications. This video details the entire process and shows how a cadmium plated aerospace component is produced.
This video shows the demonstration of Superhydrophobic coating from NEI Corporation. The SuperCN (Superhydrophobic) is used for promoting dropwise condensation on condenser tubes.
This video from Thermcraft shows the production of gold plated tubes for their TransTemp transparent tube furnaces. These furnaces use an outer tube with its internal face gold plated to reflect heat back into the work tube. The outer tube is opaque at room temperature, but becomes transparent above 600°C allowing the operator to see what is actually happening inside in real time at elevated temperatures.
A video demonstration on the lightweight, flame retardant ammunition packaging for the military. Demonstrates how the material is made to provide these unique features.
Demetrius Chrysostomou shows us the PVA TePla Plasma Pen which is used for precision cleaning of surfaces and raising the surface energy of surfaces prior to operations such as welding or bonding. It is commonly used in the automotive, electronics and flat panel industries.
A video demonstration on the failure of a nanocrystalline aluminium thin film.
A video showing what tissue engineers are doing to develop new ways to repair body organs and body replacement parts using three-dimensional printers. Tissue engineers are using biopaper( biocompatible gel ) and bioink which contains cell to generate a biocompatible structure for the body in hope that someday this technology will enter into the operating room.
Alan Bresnehan from Dotmar Engineered Plastic Products shows us their range of PTFE coated heatbelts and fabrics. PTFE is used as a coating materials due to its non-stick, low friction and heat resistant properties.
This video shows the printing solutions from Trelleborg. The ultimate performance of Trelleborg’s printing solutions is due to the precise engineering of physical properties.
A video clip showing how surface treatment with Fricso polymer materials can help reduce friction and energy consumption and hence reducing running and maintenance costs. This technology allows friction reduction and energy consumption by treating metal surface on existing production line. A nano layer deposition with oil retaining capabilities is created.
This video shows EP42HT-2FG food grade epoxy system from Master Bond. EP42HT-2FG is a room temperature setting, two-component heat resistant epoxy system for bonding metals, rubbers, plastics, and other substrates.
Material scientists are developing carbon nanotubes to regenerate bone within the body to overcome some of the challenges and limitations of conventional bone implants. They are proposing to coating the carbon nanotube bone scaffold with collagen to promote new bone regeneration.
This video shows the self-healing coating for both metals and wood from NEI Corporation. Waterborne urethane coating is applied on to the metal and wood surfaces.
This video shows the heat resistant tendency of Master Bond flame retardant system.
This video shows the SC943 inline sputtering system from Semicore. The SC 943 system is a versatile horizontal sputtering system with multi target capability.
This video shows self-healing of the coating on metals from NEI Corporation. Solvent-borne urethane coating is coated on a metal surface.
This animated video shows the advantages and application of FLM36 film from Master Bond. It is a B-staged film for bonding and sealing applications that offers exceptionally easy processing.
A video demonstrating the new plant based-resin paint made of corn developed by Sharp as an alternative environmental energy source. Sharp has coated many of its consumer based electronic products based on this paint. This paint dried quickly and can be easily produced.
The REVETEST Xpress is a cost effective solution for Industrial and Quality Control (QC) applications. This instrument provides measurement of adhesion, hardness and scratch resistance with a very user-friendly, intelligible interface.
Sandia scientists have develop superhydrophobic coating which is transparent that is not just impermeable to water, but actually makes it bounce off a surface to help prevent corrosion, protect electronic and antiquities, or provide a new, more efficient coating for any surfaces. This coating can be deposited by any common deposition methods
Phil Harrop from Scientific Solutions walks us through the Gamry Potentiostat which is an extremely sensitive device that can be used for corrosion studies. It would be of use to anyone who needs to perform accelerated corrosion testing, such as coating manufacturers or metal manufacturers.
A video clip showing the test drive of the newly released BMW Hydrogen 7 Series which use a hydrogen fuel engine. They are hoping that by rolling out this model they can influence those decision making people and showing them the reality of hydrogen fuel cars. Challenges with using hydrogen cars are discussed and how they are overcoming these problems. Relax and take a test drive in the new BMW Hydrogen 7 Series
This video shows easy to clean hardcoat coating technologies from NEI.
This video shows Dursan CVD coating technology from SilcoTek. Dursan is a coating designed to improve the inertness, hardness, and corrosion resistance of stainless steel, alloys, glass, and ceramics.
This video shows Anti-Icing Coating on metals from NEI Corporation. Both treated and untreated metal panels are frozen to -1°C.
Hiden Analytical's Mark Buckley explains the operation and capabilities of the Hiden EQP mass spectrometer which is used for plasma characterisation. It is typically used by process development engineers and research technicians to optimise plasma conditions for the manufacture and fabrication of new and novel devices.
A video showing why powder coating is better than painting. It allows you to finish the coating within an hour and also a much more smoother coating than paintng. The video details the equipment and materials needed to start perform powder coating on various materials .
This video shows the single chamber tri-axis research evaporator from Semicore.
Changing the filament on a Hiden Analytical PIC System. Gas analysers for RGA, SIMS, Vacuum Diagnostics and Process Monitoring
This video from Master Bond shows a low-viscosity, one component, UV curable epoxy-based system called UV15 for applications such as sealing, coating, and bonding.
This video shows Master Bond's latest Super Gel 9 for Sealing and Encapsulation.
This video clip introduces the Fischer Instrumentation familty of handheld coating thickness measurement instruments. These instruments use techniques such as magnetic induction and eddy currents to determine coating thickness. The range of instruments includes the deltascope, isoscope and dualscope instruments.
This video shows the Photoresist ExactaCoat system from Sono-Tek. This coating is the best solution for Photoresist coating onto MEMS wafers and other 3D microstructures.
Sandia scientists and engineers have developed a radically new self-assembling process for fabricating tailored thin films. This new technology is set to change the way that optical and electrical thin films are produced and its applications as this method can be modified and optimized at any stage of the process with many manufacturing benefits compared with conventional production. Watch and find out how.
In this video, Maximus Bond talks about the worldwide shipping options of Master Bond. The company produces, sells and ships all of its adhesives, sealants and coatings directly from the manufacturing facility in Hackensack, New Jersey, U.S.
This video shows a gun applicator from Master Bond. The gun applicator is used for easy mixing, measuring and dispersing of Master Bond epoxy systems.
Michael Haschke from Bruker AXS shows us thorugh their new range of Micro XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) instruments. He shows us 3 instruments that vary in chamber size, with the largest able to take samples 30cm in diameter and offering vacuum analysis and a motorized stage for line scans and area analysis.
This animation depicts how the galvanizing process works and the various stages and operations involved.
This video from Master Bond illustrates how to apply fast curing EP65HT-1 epoxy.
This video shows the demonstration on how to use a pre-measured flexible divider pouch from Master Bond.
This video from SilcoTek demonstrates the heat resistance of silicon coating on stainless steel.
This video shows the coating system of balloon catheter form Sono-Tek.
A video demonstration looking at the molecular level of Superelastic Carbon Nanotube Aerogel Muscles.
A video demonstration on nanocrystalline aluminium thin film under applied stress.
Changing the filament on a Hiden Analytical residual gas analyser. Residual Gas Analysers for vacuum diagnostics, leak detection and process monitoring.
This video shows a UV curable system with a high glass transition temperature from Master Bond.
This video detail the proper setup for taking Raman measurements using the Ocean Optics Q65000 Spectrometer. Once setup is complete it takes you through the steps of performing a basic Raman measurement using a Ramen spectrometer.
This video shows PlastiCoater PVD metallization unit from Impact Coatings. This PVD metallization unit is designed to work alongside and in synchronization with a molding machine, creating a truly integrated production unit.
This video demonstrates the application of Corrosion Resistant Coating Silcoalloy 1000 from SilcoTek.
Road testing the NanoBionic glass coating on the front car screen demonstrating the unique water resistant properties which would make the wind shield wipers seem obsolete
This video shows the coating of blood collection tube and syringe barrel with ExactaCoat coating system from Sono-Tek.
This video shows inline sputtering system from Semicore. This sputtering system can be used to produce thin films of material on various substrates.
The PosiTector 6000 from Defelsko is a handheld portable thickness gage. It is suitable for measuring coating thickness on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, making ideal for applications in the automotive industry.
This video shows Master Bond's epoxy systems that feature physical strength properties for industrial applications such as coating, bonding, encapsulation, sealing, and potting.
This video shows the Tri-axis research sputtering system from Semicore.
This video shows self-healing of waterborne coating on wood surface from NEI Corporation. The waterborne urethane coating on the wood surface is scratched.
This video shows the self-cleaning coating from NEI Corporation. The self-cleaning coated glass on the left repels muddy water while uncoated glass on the right attracts muddy water.
This video demonstrates the curing of adhesives by using LED from Master Bond.
This video shows superhydrophobic coating technologies that prevent the accumulation of snow and ice from NEI.
There is a growing group of homeowners around the world that is turning to green materials when it comes to renovating their house or building their house. However finding green products is not as easier as it seems. This video clip give the viewer ideas on the products that is currently available for keeping your home "green" and most importantly where to find these products. Go Green!!
This video demonstrate the process of producing UV conformal coating using UV conveyor processing. The UV oven is an inline system with full images of a UV conformal coating curing.
This video shows how to apply walnut shell grit for non-skid coatings from Composition Materials.
This video shows custom formulated adhesives, sealants and coating compounds from Master Bond.
Learn how solar photovoltaic cells can work for you at home by generating your own power by harnessing the energy from the sun.
Rheologists have created a new way of bullet-proofing clothes using shear-thickening fluids. Fabric treated with shear-thickening granular suspensions can turn soft material into solid protective gear when struck by a projectile.
This video shows the ultrasonic spray pyrolysis deposition system fro TCO deposition from Sono-Tek.