Machining Videos

Machining Videos
This video shows PTG Precision Components Limited, expertise in the production of screw and compressor rotors. It is based in Milnrow, Greater Manchester.
This video shows the corporate profile of PTG Holroyd. Precision Technologies Group (PTG) has established itself at the forefront of high precision machine tool design, build and supply.
This video from Buehler answers for how long one piece of SiC paper can be effectively used.
This video shows preparation of two-pin plug casing using Sumitomo’s IntElect 100 injection molding machine.
This short video from FedTech demonstrates how titanium strip can be cut into intricate and accurate parts using waterjet cutting.
This video shows the overview about the Sumitomo SHI Demag heavy industries. Sumitomo (SHI) Demag is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic injection molding machines anywhere in the world together with its Japanese parent group.
This video shows PTG heavy industries. It has world class engineering experience in the designing and building of machine tools, with an excellent pedigree in providing services to the steel, oil & gas, aerospace, marine, railway, medium and heavy engineering industries.
This application video reviews edge cutting epoxy woven glass using a PCNC 1100 CNC mill. The application example involves cutting individual printed circuit boards (PCBs) out of a larger panel.
In this video Buehler's CarbiMet 2 was tested against a competitive paper.
This video demonstrates the service of Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum dry compressing screw vacuum pumps SCREWLINE.
Bruker Optics showcase their precision design and manufacturing capabilities and some of the complex components that they can machine.
A demonstration of laser cutting cold rolled steel by FedTech.
This video shows the participation of Buehler in Work Study program at Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep School in Waukegan, IL.
This video shows the AbrasiMatic 450 Automatic Abrasive Cutter from Buehler.
This video shows AbrasiMatic 300 Abrasive Cutter from Buehler.
A video clip from Corus showing the use of steel plasma cutting as an alternative cutting method for cutting steel. The video demonstrates the process of how steel plasma cutting is performed. Steel plasma cutting with a copper tip can reach temperature of 20,000 degree celcius with a velocity approaching the speed of sound.
Laser cutting stainless steel by FedTech.
FedTech demostrate how Teflon shapes can be produced using waterjet cutting techniques.
Washington Mills manufactures DURALUM Special White, white aluminum oxide, for high purity blasting applications such as medical, aerospace and thermal sprays.
Using a waterjet cutter to machines a nickel superalloy component for use in an advanced jet engine.
This video from FedTech demonstrates how a waterjet cutter can be programmed to cut a "pizza" into the logo of the Boston Celtics NBA team logo.
This video from Buehler gives the answer for Silicon carbide paper curling.
This video shows two types of specimen cutting presses from Elastocon which is used in the preparation of rubber and plastic test specimens by punching.
This video shows how the experts from PTG provide services to the customers. PTG's dedicated technical support team is committed to providing customers with the very highest levels of service and aftercare.
This application video shows the soldering of radiator cap assembly from Ambrell.
This video shows fabrication of pen housing using Sumitomo’s Systec 100 hydraulic injection molding machine.
The Systec is a hydraulic injection moulding machine from the European product range of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag.
This video from Buehler demonstrates how to use the VibroMet 2 vibratory polisher from start to finish.
This video shows EcoMet 250/300 grinder-polisher of family and AutoMet 250/300 power heads family from Buehler.
This video from Buehler demonstrates how to remove the plastic backing on CarbiMet 2 Papers.
A demonstration of waterjet cutting from a thick blocl of aluminium by FedTech.

The Variable Speed Rotor Mill with extremely fast sample throughput of up to 5 litres per hour: exceptionally quiet grinding with highest rotational speeds and powerful performance, including multi-functional tool system for impact rotor, cutting rotor and knife insert and fast cleaning due to the new Clean Design.

  • Tripled drive power for especially powerful grinding and high throughput
  • Well-conceived Clean Design for easiest cleaning
  • Impact rotor, cutting rotor and knife insert in one instrument
  • Low noise level according to DIN EN ISO 9612:2009-09
  • Flow-optimised cooling channels with connection for dust exhaust system
  • Automatic opening and closing of the grinding chamber

The Variable Speed Rotor Mill PULVERISETTE 14 premium line combines 3 instruments in one! It can be equipped with an impact rotor, cutting rotor or knife insert according to the application. Absolutely multi-functional and extra powerful with 20,000 rpm!

This video shows the profile of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, which is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic injection molding machines anywhere in the world together with its Japanese parent group.
This video shows the manufacturing processes using high-end injection molding technology in ARBURG.
Premium performance for wet and dry grinding, mechanical alloying, mixing and homogenising with reliable results down into the nano range -- now more powerful and safer than before due to double drive power and automatic clamping of the bowls.
Demomstration of waterjet cutting a ceramic coated titanium part by FedTech.
This video shows the thin sectioning system PetroThin from Buehler.
This video shows BTC-550AX Bridge Type CNC milling center from LKMachinery.
This video from Buehler shows microsectioning process used to evaluate PWB quality by exposing a cross-sectional view of the microstructure at a selected plane.
This video shows the working of Sumitomo’s El-Exis SP 200 racing machine. In this machine extremely fast travel and injection cycles are easily achieved without sacrificing in precision and safety.
This video shows the ZEISS AURIGA Laser, which is used in large-scale material removal and far-reaching analysis from Carl Zeiss.
In this video ARBURG provides suitable solutions for each injection molding task from its range of technologies. Various industries use the ALLROUNDER injection molding machines, robotic systems and turnkey solution in various production processes.
A video clip shows how the Suzuki Precision is pushing the limits, as customer needs are becoming more demanding in fields such as medical science, biotechnology and the semiconductor industry witht he advancement of nanotechnology. These industries are requiring more sophisticated cutting tools and cutting processes with various types of metal are required. In particular Suzuki Precision works with titanium developing processing technologies to produce cost effective finished items.
This video shows CNC-controlled contour motion hardening system from Ambrell Hardening team.
This short video from FedTech shows large stainless steel gears being machined using waterjet cutting techniques.
This video shows VibroMet® Vibratory Polisher from Buehler. The VibroMet 2 Vibratory Polisher removes minor deformation remaining after mechanical preparation.
A multi layer titanium part is cut at an angle using a waterjet cutter. This video produced by FedTech.
This video shows Zenith 400 helical profile grinding machine from PTG Holroyd. The Zenith 400 features an easy-to-use intuitive control system that incorporates both a development and production software suite.
Using waterjet cutting to produce copper gaskets by FedTech.
The 81T Torsion Testing machine from ADMET is ideal for testing the torsional properties of materials. The 81T comes in both horizontal and  vertical configurations and with your choice of ADMET controllers.
This video shows the SimpliMet XPS1 electrohydraulic automatic compression mounting system from Buehler.
Demostration of copper gasketrs being produced using waterjet cutting techniques, by FedTech.
This video shows ADMET’s Pneumatic Wedge Grips that are used in material testing systems.
A demonstration of waterjet cutting of insulation materials by FedTech.
In this video Buehler gives solution for easy removal of sticky abrasive paper from the platen.

The strongest FRITSCH Jaw Crusher, set ever: Provide Up to 3 kW drive power for a very high throughput for pre-crushing of hard and very hard brittle materials. The jaws are completely fold-out for easy cleaning or removed. And the integrated dust extraction ducts ensure optimal working conditions.

Precision fabrication of ultra-hard materials requires hihgly sophisticated equipment, exacting patience, and skilled operators adept at working with tolerances often within millionths of an inch.
This video shows CarbiMet® 2 Abrasive Papers from Buehler, which is designed for superior grinding performance on all types of specimens.
This video shows Materials Relationships Live, a premier program by Malvern Instruments that will include presentations from senior application scientists and NanoSight CEO Jeremy Warren.
This video shows high speed El-Exis SP 420 machine from Sumitomo SHI Demag.
This is the descriptive tutorial video of MSM255M sectioning machine from Leco.
This short video from Fedtech describes the benefits of waterjet cutting and capabilities of the process. It also provides a demonstration of the waterjet process cutting plastic sheet.
This video shows the description of Sumitomo’s El-Exis SP 450 machine which produces caps and closures.
This video shows the manufacturing of vial using Sumitomo’s IntElect 50 injection molding machine.
This video shows the DeCapsulation or Delidding process using PetroThin system from Buehler.
This video shows Malvern Instruments’ live events being held at Peckforton Castle, UK. The program offers attendees great opportunities to connect, engage, and learn more about the latest in materials characterization technologies.
This video shows the features of Sumitomo’s IntElect 50 injection molding machine. IntElect uses fully-electric machine concept which is based on innovative direct drive technology.
This short video from FedTech demonstrates the versatility of waterjet and laser cutting processes. In particular it shows how the processes can be used to cut thick, thin, hard and soft materials.
This ocrporate video provides an overview of the services that FedTech provides. Namely waterjet and laser cutting on an industrial scale.
This video shows Systec-SP 280/1l machine with IML and activeColourChange from Sumitomo SHI.
A short introductory video describing how a typical Internal Combustion Engine Piston is machined from aluminium.
This video shows the polishing of multi-layer coatings from Beuhler. The sample is first cut to the workable size, and the abrasive wheel is selected to match the application.