Ceramic Materials Videos

Ceramic Materials Videos
Chris Farine from Ceramaret shows us some examples of some of the advanced ceramic components that they manufacture.
A demonstration of the comparative drop strengths of Mg-PSZ (magnesia partially stabilizsed zirconia, ZrO2) and 99.8% alumina (Al2O3) by Morgan Technical Ceramics.
This video by ADMET shows a concrete compression test performed according to ASTM C469 - Standard Test Method for Static Modulus of Elasticity and Poisson's Ratio of Concrete in Compression.
PANalytical's Martijn Fransen shows us through their Empyrean multi-purpose diffractometer which can analyze powders, solids, nanomaterials and thin films. The system produces best in class x-ray diffraction results and computer tomography with unprecedented resolution.
A video clip showing testing of the revolutionary Dragon Skin body armor made from advanced ceramic and titanium composite discs that interlink with each other allowing impact energy of the bullet to be dispersed. The video shows conventional steel armor with steel plates being tested using steel core armor penetrating bullets. You'll be surprised at the result!!
Have you ever wondered how they made those ceramic knives that never go blunt? This short video shows the entire process including pressing, sintering, hot isostatic pressing or HIPing, laser marking and polishing and buffing.
A video clip demonstrating the use of robotics in an automated concrete testing.
The main features and capabilities of the FRT MicroProf 200 TTV MHU automated non-contact wafer metrology tool are demonstrated. The tool includes a multi-cassette system to deal with several samples, and it can deal with wafers from 2" to 8".
This interesting video explains and demonstrates how the metal injection molding (MIM) and ceramic injection molding (CIM) process works. Advantages of the process are outlined and application areas that use parts produced using this process are also mentioned.
This video from Zwick shows fully automatic Zwick hardness testing machine with a motorized displacement unit.
The evolution of materials provided by Ceradyne. Provides a review of where advanced ceramics are used, which is almost everywhere, although you may not realise it.
This is the ceramic composite disc brake system used on the Porsche 911 Turbo. It shows demonstrations of extreme braking as well as the ceramic composite componentry and some heat testing.
Technox ceramic from Dynamic Ceramic is a type of zirconia (ZrO2) is a type of ceramic that exhibits extreme strength and toughness. This short video demonstrates how tough it really is
Chris Rogowski from McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technology demonstrates their manufacturing capabilities. They specialize in tubular ceramic products ranging in size from just millimeters in diameter to over 300 mm, with single or multi-bore configurations manufactured using extrusion and slip casting.
The video clips shows global Japanese knife manufacturer Kyocera demonstrating its super sharp zirconia ceramic knife blades advanageous characteristics over metallic blades.
Demomstration of waterjet cutting a ceramic coated titanium part by FedTech.
A video demonstration of showing the process involved in Cr2O3 thermal plasma spraying.
A video demonstrating the compressive strength of concrete by ASTM Method C 39
Demonstration of construction of a concrete swimming pool via shotcrete.
Chris Farine from Ceramaret shows us a range of their advanced ceramic materials such as ruby, sapphire, zirconia (ZrO2) and alumina (Al2O3) designed for use in harsh conditions such as solvents, acids and physiological environments.