Surface Science Spectra - AVS

Surface Science Spectra - AVS

Surface Science Spectra offers convenient and easy access to spectral data from on-going international industrial and scholarly research. The Surface Science Spectra journal represents the hard-copy publication of data entered in to the AVS Surface Science Spectra database.

Surface Science Spectra is the definitive international reference guide to spectral data. Applications range from routine identification work to current research in industrial, government, and university labs. Surface Science Spectra offers scientists, engineers, and analysts easy and convenient access to high-quality spectra and related data with every quarterly issue.

A Comprehensive Spectral Reference

Surface Science Spectra is the only ongoing source available for comprehensive spectral data. An official journal of the American Vacuum Society, Surface Science Spectra currently publishes XPS, Auger, and SIMS spectra and will expand to include other surface spectroscopies in future volumes.

Surface Science Spectra archives, in a systematic and uniform format, surface data from a wide range of fields – giving you truly usable reference spectra and the latest findings on new and materials important to your work or research.

Extensive Experimental Details Included

Each data entry in the journal contains complete and useful information about the spectra presented, enabling you to accurately compare them with your own experimental results. Surface Science Spectra presents each spectrum in its unsmoothed and unmanipulated form so that you know you're looking at original data, not someone else's interpretation.

Based on a comprehensive Data Dictionary that identifies 188 items necessary to fully define each set of spectra, every submission includes details on:

  • Sample history and treatment
  • Instrument configuration
  • Calibration
  • Experimental parameters
  • Data analysis methods

You can use the extensive, descriptive information presented in these published spectra to correctly relate them to your own spectra – providing additional verification of your results or even eliminating the need and expense of generating reference spectra of your own.

The Only Peer-Reviewed Spectral Archive

Surface Science Spectra is the only refereed spectral data reference source available. Peer-review ensures that only the highest quality spectra are accepted for publication and sets new standards for data collection. Reviewers verify that all submissions are free from error or manipulation, are free from inconsistencies or omissions that would reduce the usefulness of the data for comparison, have technological significance, and have enduring value to the surface science community.

More Spectra Than in Other Journals

Surface Science Spectra publishes full sets of spectra, not just the one or two most journal articles typically include. Scientists can share all the spectra associated with their research – spectra generally omitted in other journals because there isn't room – as well as the complete background details on their experiments, making precise and meaningful comparisons possible despite instrument or procedural differences.

Focused-Topic Collections and Consolidated References on Specific Materials

In addition to submissions from the general surface science community, Surface Science Spectra publishes Focused-Topic Collections containing data from specific materials classes and applications. Focused-Topic Collections contribute to the completeness of the archival database by including collections of spectra on materials of particular interest to the community. Edited by renowned experts in materials characterization and surface analysis, Focused-Topic Collections provide in-depth spectral data of widely used materials in a number of fields, including information on:

  • Semiconductors
  • Transition metals
  • Oxides
  • Biomaterials
  • Polymers
  • and more!

Surface Science Spectra is available online.

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