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  • Article - 12 May 2001
    Exhibits a wide range of advantages over other grades of polyamides. Relative advantages, disadvantages and applications are listed together with a table of typical properties for this thermoplasitc.
  • Article - 22 Nov 2010
    What is tensile testing? Find out how tensile testing can determine how something will react when it is pulled apart and the key applications.
  • Article - 24 May 2001
    Various thermoplastics such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, fluoropolymers, polyamides, polyarylates, polycarbonate, polysulphones, thermoplastic polyesters and polyimides, polyoxymethylene,...
  • Article - 27 May 2013
    Copper and its alloys are the most versatile engineering materials. The major uses of pure, unalloyed copper are based on the high electrical and thermal conductivity of copper.
  • Article - 28 Aug 2001
    Zinc has many uses, many of which revolve around protective coatings for steel deposited by hot dip galvanising. These materials are ised in the automotive and construction industries. While the...
  • Article - 19 Feb 2019
    In this article, the different methods that can be employed for ensuring consistent quality in the plastics industry are discussed.