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During the past few years, spectrally tunable lasers have been developed actively to address a number of applications. Several technologies are used for tunable laser such as external cavity laser, DFB diode and OPO.

Whether tuned for temperature, current or mechanically, a scan’s reproducibility is not strong enough to avoid the use of a wavelength meter. However, in most of the cases, a wavelength meter will not monitor fully the spectrum of these sources and will completely miss out on side modes, high-rate hopping modes and the evolution of the power density.

Due to this, a user or manufacturer of a tunable laser will require an optical spectrum analyzer or a wavelength meter or a Fabry-Perot additionally to its source driver.

Optical spectrum analyzers are costly implying that a tuning control will not be complete and a complete mapping of the laser will be either have a poor temporal sampling or be very long.

Figure 1.

Key Features of the Zoom Spectra

Key features of the Zoom Spectra include:

  • The ZOOM Spectra has a resolution of a few picometers in a simple and compact package
  • It is convenient for monitoring the dual-frequency laser for terahertz oscillator
  • The measurement speed of the ZOOM Spectra is remarkable especially when temperature or current mapping is needed
  • The ZOOM Spectra provides the two very important pieces of information tunable-laser demanding users require: absolute wavelength and mode-hop-free tuning control. It can be used instead of both a wavelength meter and a Fabry-Perot

ZOOM Spectra Advantages

The ZOOM spectra offers:

  • Full spectrum that includes all resolved modes during operating point tuning (absolute wavelength, mode hopping mapping, power mapping, visual monitoring of each mode)
  • Fast mapping in current or temperature for laser characterization with high frame rate
  • With separate files acquired with SpectraResolver or with your DotNet / VIs LabView interface

About Resolution Spectra Systems

RESOLUTION Spectra Systems was set up in 2011 to develop an offer based on SWIFTS technology. Its founders are senior engineers, business managers and research scientists from the Joseph Fourier University of Grenoble in France. The company is also based in Grenoble, one of Europe’s leading high-technology centers.

RESOLUTION Spectra Systems is looking to revolutionize the use of spectrometers in the future. A combination of high performance, simplicity and compactness will allow SWIFTS-based spectrometers to be employed in configurations that were impossible for previous generations of spectrometer, opening up the use of high-performance spectroscopy to mainstream applications and enabling its integration with new or existing technologies.

The core benefits of SWIFTS, its compactness, portability and potential for integration, will provide real answers to current market requirements. This is particularly true for applications that require spectral discrimination with respect to molecular emission and absorption, including process control, laser spectroscopy for the analysis of materials, security and medical applications.

Our supply chain is based on processes developed in-house, but also on a smart scheme that takes advantage of the unique convergence of state-of-the-art technologies and facilities located in the Grenoble Cluster.

RESOLUTION Spectra Systems is developing several families of off-the- shelf spectrometers and is focusing its R&D efforts on tailoring solutions to applications that require a high level of performance, compactness, portability or simplicity.

RESOLUTION Spectra Systems is not only a powerful technology developer, it is also resolutely focused on serving customers and responding to their needs.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Resolution Spectra.

For more information on this source, please visit Resolution Spectra.


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