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How Super Alloys Are Used to Solve Problems in Oil, Gas and Marine Industries

Waverley Brownall is a leading manufacturer and global distributor of stainless steel and exotic material compression tube fittings, valves and bespoke instrumentation products.

AZoM spoke to Nicholas Douse, Director of Waverley Brownall, about how their knowledge of super alloys brings an advantage when solving bespoke problems.

Can you give a brief overview of Waverley Brownall and the work you do?

We are a UK manufacturer of high pressure compression fittings, bespoke components and valves in stainless steel. Our key markets include the UK, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Italy and more. Building reputation through quality products and flexible services, we have become an approved supplier to some of the biggest companies in the UK Oil & Gas sector.

Can you explain to our readers the difference between alloys and super alloys?

Super alloys are metals which hold enhanced properties in comparison to average alloys on the market. Super alloys include higher strength, stability, longevity and substantial corrosion resistances.

How does this translate to the products you offer?

The majority of our full product range can be manufactured from super alloys. This includes high-performance needle valves, manifolds, tube fittings and pipe instrumentation.

Needle Valve

Needle Valve. Image Credits: Waverley Brownall

Are there any other products you use your expertise in super alloys for?

We offer manufacture and supply services for bespoke components. This has lead us to provide vital super-alloy components customers such as Sealed Air Corp and Teledyne Technologies.

Which industries do you think will benefit from the use of your expertise in super alloys?

Super alloys such as Monel, Inconel and Incoloy hold properties which make them beneficial to a vast range of industries.

We currently supply customers within Oil and Gas, Marine Industry, Water treatment and Process engineering. The high corrosion resistances of super alloy products have proven them a popular choice within the chemical and aerospace industries.

Image Credits: VOF

Can you use your expertise in super alloys to solve specific consumer problems?

We aim to provide solutions that are unique to the problems of each customer. Because of our flexibility, we are able to manufacture bespoke fittings and valves that provide efficiency and longevity in a number of extreme and high pressure environments.

We also offer advice and consultation at the earlier stages of enquiry, aiming to guide engineers for selecting the most appropriate and cost effective choice of alloy.

What is the latest example of this?

We have recently been working with Teledyne Technologies, providing bespoke Inconel 625 components for on-going projects.

Image Credits:

What’s next for Waverley Brownall?

To continue growing our customer relationships with a focus on promoting our capabilities in special metals products. We have recently employed more staff members in our stores and invested in brand new CNC machinery for our manufacturing facility. Waverley Brownall is currently negotiating new distributor partnerships within Romania to add to our worldwide distributor network which includes India, China, and the UAE.

About Nicholas Douse BA HNC

Director Nicholas Douse has recently celebrated being with Waverley Brownall for 17 years.

Nicholas Douse BA HNC

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