Tradeshow Talks with Hardin Scientific

Tradeshow Talks with Hardin ScientificBooth 1403

Why are you at Pittcon 2018?

We are at Pittcon to get the company name out, Hardin Scientific. We are a data company manufacturing laboratory equipment.

We are really trying to bring 21st century laboratory equipment into the lab itself, making the life of the scientist a little bit easier.

Can you tell us about the products you are exhibiting this year at Pittcon?

Yes, this year at Pittcon the first product we are focusing on is going to be the T3-i7 Modular Incubator.

Can you tell us about the benefits of the T3-i7?

Not only is the T3-i7 more precise, more accurate, and more reliable, it is more accessible as well. Anywhere you have access to the internet, you can access your equipment with the T3-i7.

What industries and applications will benefit from the T3-i7?

Research universities doing diagnostic research and oncology for example will see huge benefits from the T3-i7.

Those who need the precision, and to be the forefront of the standard that is needed to find the right cures for diseases.

What makes the T3-i7 different to anything else that is on the market?

With the T3-i7 you have your own personalized data network that is secured by blockchain technology.

The access to your personalized data network is available just about anywhere you have internet access. So, you can customize push notifications for the experiments themselves.

Hardin Scientific are at Booth 1403 at Pittcon 2018, drop by to learn more about the range of products they have on display.

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