Tradeshow Talks with Formlabs - NPE 2018

Tradeshow Talks with Formlabs Inc.

Could you tell us about Formlabs and why you are exhibiting at MPE?

At Formlabs we make a desktop 3D printer called the Form 2 which is a SLA3 printer, it uses a photosensitive resin for its material.

We also make and sell an SLS printer called the Fuse 1 which uses a nylon powder, nylon 12.

Which products are you highlighting today?

We have the Form 2 at MPE and we have parts from the Fuse 1 with us.

What sets you aside from any competition in your space?

We believe that we make a very affordable machine, very good quality machine. We have a wide variety of materials. I have actually lost count of how many materials because we release them so frequently. We have a new ceramic material coming out soon which is very cool stuff, we have a rigid and a pro which we have just announced at CES a couple of months ago, so we are always trying to get more life out of our machines.

So, a person who bought a Form 2 2 years ago could use ceramic in a couple of weeks. Nothing has to change about their machine to be able to do that.

Which industries do you serve?

Prototyping, automotive, medical and dental is pretty big for us now. You can actually 3D print a night guard directly off the printer and give it to someone to use without having to go through a bunch of extra steps to be able to do that.


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