Tradeshow Talks with Carbon - NPE 2018

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Please tell us a bit about the company and why you are here today.

We are a Silicon Valley based 3D manufacturing company. We were created by our co-founder and CEO, Dr. Joseph M. DeSimone, who is a polymer chemist out of the University of North Carolina.

His goal and vision was to create an additive technology that could do what had been done for years in injection molding, but without the tool. We have a unique technology that creates layer-less parts, so unlike traditional 3D printing, which is just 2D printing repeated, we shoot light and oxygen through a pool of liquid resin. What that allows up to do is actually prevent polymerization right where the light is hitting that pool of liquid resin.

It allows us to print really fast, but it also means we can create mechanical properties that are isotropic, so they are exactly the same in X, Y and Z. Additionally, we have the broadest portfolio of resins within additive manufacturing - everything from soft elastomers, all the way to rigid polyurethane materials that are a lot like an injection molded ABS.

Our customers not only have the ability to create prototypes and production parts at scale, but they can do so in a really broad palate of different materials.

What makes you unique?

Within additive manufacturing, I think it really comes down to three things: the hardware, the software and the material science or the resins behind it. From the hardware perspective, we can print any layer-less approach, so we can achieve mechanical properties that are otherwise unseen in additive manufacturing.

In addition to that, we can print at speeds that you would not traditionally see in 3D printing, as well as with a surface finish that does not need post processing in the same way as some of the other additive technologies.

Our software looks at all of the different things that would be needed for production parts. Everything from texturing and latticing to FEA tools that allow us to print not only at scale, but also to help our customers with whatever geometry in any resin that they are going to use.


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