Tradeshow Talks with Statiflo International Ltd - ACHEMA 2018

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Could you give us an introduction to StatiFlow as a company.

StatiFlow Group comprises of StatiFlow International, StatiFlow GMBH, which is our subsidiary in Germany, and StatiFlow Corp., which is our subsidiary in the United States. We are a global designer and manufacturer of static mixers and associated equipment. The largest one being at the Municipal Water and Waste Water Industries.

What sets your mixers apart from the ones offered by your competitors?

We have been around for over 30 years now. We are an independent business, still privately owned. We also invest a lot of money in research and development, creating multiple new elements. Elements for specific applications, like custody transfer in the oil industry, or channel mixing in the municipal sector. Our business is static mixing and that's what we invest all of our time and money in.

Why do you work in static mixing, rather than dynamic mixing? Is dynamic mixing something that you encourage people to use alongside static mixing?

Traditionally, if you wanted to mix something, you used a dynamic mixer. You have a tank, you have a dynamic mixer, something had to spin around; consuming energy, consuming power and requiring maintenance. Dynamic mixers require maintenance. Static mixers are motionless. They have no moving parts. They don't consume power in the same way. They don't have a maintenance requirement, because there are no moving parts. They efficiently mix liquids and liquids, liquids and gases in your process industry. Therefore they are cheaper, they don't require maintenance, they don't have moving parts, they don't consume power, it's a green product.

You mentioned that you provide custom solutions, do you go on site and help a client design a solution to their requirements?

All of our sales people are engineers, typically chemical engineers or mechanical engineers, so quite regularly the guys are out with customers, or consultants, in the field.  They are qualified to look at the existing installation, how it can be changed, improved, to improve mixing. A very, very small part of our business is standard products, 95% of all business StatiFlow does is a custom engineered solution. A large part of the business is retrofitting, replacing dynamic mixers, or just adding mixing to systems that mixing has not been considered.

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